Your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen space. Other than the fact that your kitchen cabinets are responsible for organizing your kitchen and keeping your everyday items for ease of access, kitchen cabinets can actually make or break your overall kitchen design. So when it comes to kitchen cabinets, most, if not all, are definitely aiming for a lux feel and look. Good thing is that custom designing your kitchen cabinets can help you realize this goal. You may want custom-made kitchen cabinets that will certainly elevate and upgrade your kitchen to a more luxurious space.


So, if you are planning to design your luxury kitchen cabinets soon in order to express yourself, upgrade your space, and add functionality to your kitchen, we highly suggest that you read over this guide first on how cabinets fit into your luxury kitchen interior design and make an informed decision about cabinetry for the luxury kitchen you are aiming for. 

Plan the space

Planning your space is one of the most important factors that make your kitchen cabinets – and your kitchen as a whole – look luxurious. Being able to properly plan your space during the design phase will not only transform the aesthetic of your kitchen but can also improve its function and performance. We highly believe that a luxurious kitchen is well planned, with considerations of its daily purpose and use. With that, it is important that you consider what space you need as you design your kitchen cabinets. You can make drawers that will fit items such as your pots, pans, plates, and cutleries. The cabinet drawers you choose for your kitchen cabinets will help you store your essentials and little appliances with ease. 

Today, in order to make your kitchen cabinets stand out, most people make sure that their modern kitchen space is ample enough for cooking meals and entertaining guests. Hence, if you want to have a more luxurious looking kitchen cabinet, we highly suggest that you make sure that the blueprint of your kitchen is enough for doing daily essential activities. 

Materials Used

It is not a secret that the materials used in producing the kitchen cabinet dictates its quality and value. You must remember that luxury kitchens utilize only the best materials available, from countertops to kitchen cabinets. High-end luxury kitchen cabinets come in various materials. Hence, we strongly suggest that you only use quality and standard materials in order to produce your kitchen cabinets because they can determine their durability and appearance, and even ultimately set the design and functionality of your kitchen space. 

The most common luxury kitchen cabinet materials utilized are wood and metal. It is important that you invest in high-quality wood or metal that can last you a lifetime in order to reduce the risk of facing problems that may arise in your kitchen within the first couple of years. Metal and wood frequently produce not only the best but also the most luxurious kitchen cabinets. Wood styles should be customizable and flexible in order to fit your taste and personality. For designing modern luxury kitchen cabinets, stainless steel cabinets are the ideal material to be used. Combining these materials to a number of accessories and hardwares will definitely produce a more luxurious kitchen cabinet look and feel. 

Soft-close hinges

Cabinet hinges are also one of the elements that make a kitchen cabinet luxurious. It is a critical component of a cabinet because it is almost impossible to use your cabinet door without them. However, with a number of different hinges available, we strongly believe that soft-close, steel, adjustable hinges are the perfect material for a more luxurious cabinet. A quality soft-close hinge has a soft close mechanism that is built into the nickel plated, hardened steel hinge. It must be noted that the hinges are adjustable in six ways. These include in-out, up-down, and left-right. These adjustments are very important because this indicates that the hinge can be modified during seasons when cabinet doors expand and/or contract. There are thousands of hinges available to cabinet manufacturers. It is important that you research every one of the cabinet manufacturers that you want to work with. You should always make sure that your cabinet manufacturers do not utilize low-end hinges that can only give you a four-way adjustability, or those who do not provide your a lifetime warranty with their product. If your cabinet manufacturer would install a high-end and quality soft-close hinge, more than the luxurious feel it provides to your cabinet, we know for sure that you will realize the ease and comfort it brings to your life. 

Customizability and modifications


Customized kitchen cabinetry is also a foundation of a luxurious kitchen cabinet. Customized kitchen cabinetry improves storage while adding to the character and beauty of your kitchen. You can determine a luxury kitchen by the kitchen cabinets that are built for aesthetic, function, and longevity. Cabinets with custom modifications offer a number of choices in sizes, styles, and specialty features, manufactured in order to fit around the unique requirements and space of your kitchen. Hence, unlike stock manufacturers that provide too few styles and sizes that are generic, custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers provide you with the best styles and sizes that you fit in your kitchen.

If you cannot go with a full-blown custom kitchen cabinet due to its expensive price, you can go for semi-custom cabinets with modifications that also give a wide range of sizes, styles, and specialty cabinets at a reasonable price. The manufacturer creates each kitchen as a custom design, saving on production costs by beginning with a simple and basic cabinet line. Modifications permit a high degree of customization, but that cost is limited to specific cabinet units. Modifications include some incremental adjustments in cabinet box sizes, finished interiors, beadboard ends or interiors, glass-ready open-front or mullion doors, storage units, angled end cabinets, and non-conventional uses of standard cabinet boxes. With this option, you can still have a luxurious kitchen cabinet without having the need to spend too much. 

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting 

Proper lighting is critical to any good kitchen design. With that, another element that you should make sure in order to have a luxurious kitchen cabinet is lighting. The design and appearance of your whole kitchen is greatly dependent on ambient lighting. A luxury kitchen uses both natural and artificial lighting in order to illuminate the whole space. Having a kitchen that is well-lit, combining task lighting with an ambient tone, can definitely upgrade a kitchen from a bland day-to-day room to an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing extension of your home. 

Unless natural light always shines in your kitchen and you only use the space during daytime, then you might not need too many artificial light fixtures. However, most, if not all, people use their kitchen day and night. With that, you will definitely need decent kitchen cabinet lighting that serves both as a working light and a design element. Must-haves include ambient overhead fixtures, spots, stylish pendants, and over-the-sink lighting. Other alternative touches you can do include decorative lights on the crown molding of your kitchen cabinet in order to complement other existing kitchen decor as well. Under-cabinet lighting is also a must for luxurious cabinets. This task lighting is effective when placed directly down from beneath wall cabinets to countertop prep areas. 

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories and Hardware

Accessorizing is the most important part of a luxurious kitchen. Putting up a little glam from here to there can definitely make an ensemble of sophistication and luxury. Kitchen cabinet hardwares is an important aspect in accessorizing your kitchen as a whole. Most people overlook this design element, so it is important that you take note of the right hardware that works in your kitchen cabinets because it can drastically change the style of your space. We highly suggest that you use long, lean brass and gold drawer pulls to give a luxurious finish in your kitchen cabinets. These drawer pulls are recently becoming popular and a staple in many homes. Modern yet traditional, they have the ability to adapt to a variety of styles and color palettes making for an effortlessly-easy update and sophisticated look. 


Kitchen Cabinet Organization

While it is obvious that the appearance of the kitchen cabinet significantly impacts its deluxe look and feel, the organization of your kitchen cabinets is equally vital. Your kitchen cabinets should always appear as expensive on the inside as they are on the outside. Hence, it is important that you always practice organizing your kitchen essentials and materials in your cabinets. We highly suggest you ask your cabinet manufacturer to make drawers, pull-out shelvings, and other features in order for you to designate space for everything. At the end of the day, no matter how fancy your kitchen cabinet looks, if the organization is a mess then you surely wouldn’t appreciate it as much. 


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