Are you looking forward to a new way to spruce up your bathroom? Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are the best option in that case. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, also known as Floating cabinets, offer the perception of space in your bathroom by looking stylish, modern, and having an excellent minimalist design. They also have an internal influence while adding a beautiful touch to the entire bathroom space.


Focusing on how to handle the appearance and usefulness of your space in 2022 should be a priority if you still find yourself spending plenty of time at home. With that in mind, here are some ways you may update your bathroom design by using current trends on wall-mounted bathroom vanities, which will undoubtedly give you a comfortable and functional refresh.

Trend #1: Wood Is Always A Classic

Beautiful wood grain is the foundation for stunning wall-mounted bathroom vanities. Neutral hues and wood bathroom cabinets are at the top of the priority list as interior home designs in 2022 begin to include sensations and aspects of nature. Warm colours and wood accents are gradually displacing white and grey finish from current home renovation trends.

Neutral colours and various other hues, like pastel and dark colours, go nicely with several wood floating bathroom vanities. Rustic, antique, classic, and modern trends look incredible with wood vanities. This finish can provide a touch of coziness too to a modern bathroom. Manufacturers and providers can repurpose old drawers and refurbish wood boards and other materials to create wood grain treatments on floating bathroom vanities.


Trend #2: An Increased Storage Space

Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to design due to the vast volume of fixtures and equipment required. To be both functional and appealing, it is imperative today that the bathroom design must be able to use most of the space available. This requirement involves being creative with storage options. So to keep the bathroom from appearing cluttered, you want to get as much space as necessary. Because many of the objects you have to keep in a bathroom are tiny, cabinets and drawers can help you better use your space. They may be tucked away in drawers without becoming cluttered. You can also try laying huge baskets on the floor underneath the vanity to add space quickly.

Several floating vanities have built-in storage. However, some minimalist ones may be devoid of drawers or cabinets. Installing and adding a shelf just beneath the vanity to house wash clothes and bins for smaller items to increase storage capacity is undoubtedly a practical trend in floating vanities this year. 

Trend #3: Lighting is Everything

The most vital characteristic of a vanity area is the lighting. A bathroom design should include a bathroom vanity with sufficient illumination to produce a relaxed space. With that, in modern wall-mount bathroom cabinets, lighting is everything. 


Mirror lighting is one of the most frequent types of vanity lighting. LED lights are ideal for bathroom mirror illumination since they combine two aspects of a vanity area into one device. Mirror lights are pretty helpful. Moreover, today, dimmer switches are one of the best ways to enhance the lighting in your bathroom. The potential to dim or brighten your bathroom lighting may transform the space, creating a range of moods and tones. They are also simple to install, resembling a standard light switch. This function can be used in all of your lighting systems or even just a few. Using dimmer switches and ceiling or mirror lights in your vanities is one of the most incredible places to start. These dimmer switches will allow you to adjust how much light you want in your bathroom. 

Trend #4: Classy and Timeless Hardware

Cabinet hardware may enrich a bathroom with your specific character, much like a piece of jewellery can enhance a simple dress, or clever bow ties can accentuate a classic suit. Floating vanity hardware is a tiny element that can quickly be overlooked. However, the appropriate knob or pull can have a significant aesthetic appeal, enhancing the area and making it uncomplicated. When you consider how often cabinet hardware is used in regular tasks, it’s evident that the value and pleasure that a quality piece of hardware provides is well worth the expenditure.

With that, installing a classy and timeless floating vanity hardware is a trend many people embrace. Many people are going back to liking cabinet hardware rather than using seamless and hidden handles. You can either choose knobs or pulls. Knobs are cheaper than handles and can be utilized on drawers and cabinets. Because the knob only needs a single screw to affix it to the surface, they are somewhat easier to install than pulls. Pulls are wider than knobs, making a bolder impression and easier to handle. They cost more than knobs but are available in a variety of sizes. Their linear design usually goes well with drawers or larger cabinets, especially in bathroom vanities. 

Trend #5: Install a Smart and Modern Equipment

Nowadays, many homeowners are looking for practical and intelligent methods to save time and energy. Homeowners seek to make their homes more attractive and stylish while improving their functionality.

With that, new technology such as lights with sensors that switch on and off automatically and touchless faucets is now available. You might choose to install a touchless fixture to make your space more sanitary. These are just two of the many popular bath modifications. Aside from practical considerations, adding intelligent and sophisticated equipment to your bathroom can take it to a whole new level.

Final thoughts:

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets or vanities are fixtures that seem to float since they are affixed to the wall rather than sitting on the floor. Today, these are a popular style because they provide a modern finish that makes a room feel more luxurious. These vanities feel and look rich even in their most cheap forms. Furthermore, they save floor space, and practically anyone can benefit from getting extra bathroom space. 

Installation of your floating vanity today paired with following the trends noted above will undoubtedly be worth your investment. These streamlined, modern design features may not work in every area, but in the appropriate ones like the bathroom, they may create a lovely appearance while still serving a practical purpose. 


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