Most, if not all people, think that the solution of a long-standing cluttered kitchen is a larger kitchen. However, having more space is not actually the answer. You do not need to spend too much money trying to make a bigger kitchen in your home just to declutter your kitchen. The solution is ultimately knowing how to utilize your kitchen storage spaces, no matter how small or large the area you are given. 


So if your kitchen feels to stuffed to fit another jar of food you just recently bought from the market or seems like a space with a jam-packed pantry, crowded countertops, and jumbled kitchen cabinets, you definitely need some smart and innovative ideas on kitchen storage in order to help you make the most of every inch of your space. Start your reorganization today by reading and applying our top 10 kitchen storage ideas. These storage solutions will surely help you streamline your kitchen and make your kitchen organization work for you.


  1. Drawer Organizers
    One of the best ways to save storage is by utilizing kitchen drawer organizers. You would be amazed with the efficiency that you will achieve when you optimize your kitchen with cabinet drawer organizers. With that, when building your kitchen or buying a house, you should make sure that your kitchen comes with enough drawer organizers. Whether shallow or deep, you can be assured that you can use them in storing your utensils, cutlery, silverware, baking dishes, pots and pans, and many other kitchen essentials. As a result, you will find your cooking more quick and easier because kitchen drawer organizers offer breezy access to your kitchen materials. 

    If you plan to renovate your kitchen, we suggest that you build a two-tiered kitchen drawer which doubles the storage of a single drawer. With this, you can have a top tray that can glide independently on side-mounted steel slides, which then provides three-quarter access to the bottom tray of your kitchen drawer organizer. You can ask your local provider to use solid wood sides, hardwood dividers, and plywood bottoms for your kitchen drawers.

  2. Pull Out Shelves
    Pull out shelves or pull out cabinets organizers operate similar to your traditional kitchen drawer, however in a vertical design. Pull out shelves are perfect when you want to store your pots and pans in a way that you do not need to crouch down just to reach them all the way back into your kitchen cabinets. With pull out shelves, it helps you store more items that you need on a daily basis with more ease and more efficiency. Other than your pots and pans, you can also store spices, canned goods, bottled sauces, baking powders, or just about anything that you want to put on your shelf so that you can pull them out easily for quick access. You can also go for a pull out shelf that contains your trash and recycling bin. This is a perfect type of storing your trash bins so that it would not be such an eyesore in the kitchen. In addition to that, a pull out trash and recycling bin can also aid in disposing your mess easier, while making sure they are out of sight. 

    So if you decide to have your own pull out shelves, we highly suggest you choose between wall and base cabinets with adjustable shelves. Also, make sure to tell your provider that your pull out cabinet doors should have soft-close hinges and glides. 

  3. Open Shelves
    Open shelves do not only provide aesthetic value to your kitchen but also give huge storage space for keeping mugs, plates, and any other kitchen essentials within your reach. We highly suggest that you go for wooden shelves in a dark finish because they can produce a strong visual contrast and can let your chosen displayed supplies stand out. However, if you just want to place your kitchen essentials and let them fade into the background, you can opt for with white open shelves. There are also stainless steel shelves that are very popular now because they match well with a number of different display decorative accessories or even just your daily dishes. With that, there are a wide range of open shelves you can choose from. Hence, it is important to make sure to go for the ones you can incorporate with your existing kitchen design, while ensuring they can provide the adequate storage space that you need. 
  4. Under-Cabinet Cutting Board Storage Space
    One of the kitchen essentials that can be an eyesore is the cutting boards. With that, most people hide or store them away in cabinets, which can be such a hassle sometimes.  However, doing an under-cabinet cutting board storage space is a solution to your problem. The under-cabinet rack allows you to keep your cutting boards out of the way but still within your reach. Also, it can be easily bought in your local stores and be quickly installed in seconds. We also suggest that you use the under-cabinet racks to hang your kitchen towels so that you can dry your hands after washing. 
  5. Lazy Susan Cabinets
    Lazy Susan has been utilized since the 1920s. With that, most modern people today think that it only serves as a quaint relic from the past. However, these classic rotating shelves were such an innovation that up until today it still elevates the kitchen storage space.

    Lazy Susans are perfect in utilizing your corner cabinet spaces. It can actually fill these hard and inaccessible areas of the kitchen, which result in a more efficient kitchen with more storage space. The Lazy Susan cabinet has two rotating trays that maximize the hard-to-reach corner spaces in the kitchen. Because the Lazy Susan blind base corner cabinet has rotating half- moon hardwood shelves, you can store your spices, condiments, and other kitchen essentials with so much easy access. With only a touch of a finger, the tray spins to display all your stored items inside.

  6. Custom Pantry
    If you have the budget, one of the best ways in increasing your kitchen storage is through building a custom pantry to store all your kitchen essentials. From groceries, to dishes, to pots and pans, to even small appliances, you can store about anything when you have your own kitchen pantry. If you do not have the budget to make your own, just utilize a small unused area in your kitchen to work as your kitchen pantry. We highly suggest that you buy storage organizers like boxes or racks in order to keep everything organized in your pantry, no matter how many things you have to store.
  7. Tray Divider Cabinets
    It is a known fact that baking pans, cutting boards, serving trays, and the likes can easily be an eyesore, especially when you do not have a proper storage area for these materials. With that, try buying or building a tray divider kitchen cabinet storage in order to stack and store these kitchen essentials. Whether it is in a base cabinet, wall cabinet, or even in a refrigerator wall cabinet, a vertical tray divider cabinet is perfect in easily tucking away these kitchen items to make everything neat and organized in the kitchen.  
  8. Under Sink Drawers
    Many people think that the space under the sink is not ideal for storing kitchen materials. However, if you put an under sink drawer, you will be surprised that you can actually store more items in your kitchen, especially your cleaning supplies so that they will not be visible. With under sink drawers, you can store your dish soaps, cleansers, dishwashing liquids for easy storage and access. You can also put store towels for hand drying to keep them out of sight. 
  9. Utensils Drawer
    Creating space for your cutlery is a must. With that, utensil drawers are ideal in every kitchen. If you do not have the budget to custom build a utensil drawer, you can just go to your local hardwares and look for a utensil organizer and place them in your built-in kitchen drawers. You can opt for a stacked design that practically doubles the space in your kitchen drawer. Hence, you can store more forks, knives and spoons at an angle, which can then give you more space for larger items like whisks and spatulas. A utensil drawer is definitely something that can keep serveware and silverware conveniently in check.


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