As the summer comes, you may realize it is best time to get your home renovation projects.

Although the initiation of a home improvement project may seem like a large task, the renovation will run smoothly if thoroughly planned out as well as having chosen the right company for you. By following this five-step process and carefully considering all the available options, your home improvement project will be headache-free!

1) Research all your options:

The key to any successful home renovation is having done initial research on designs, materials, colours and, most importantly, renovation companies in your area. This research can be conducted online or by visiting various showrooms.
You must research to have an idea of what colours and materials you like as well as what design suits your home space. It is essential to have design in mind before meeting with the designer to allow the creation process to run smoothly.
Additionally, researching the renovation companies in your area will help you to choose the right team for your needs. This is done by reading reviews, looking at previous work, asking friends and family for recommendations and visiting companies’ showrooms.

2) Determine your Budget:

Planning out your budget is an important step in your renovation process. It is most efficient to set a budget in the beginning of the project and prior to any design commitments. This will ensure that your project stays within your budget’s limit and that you chose materials accordingly. It is also important to be realistic with your budget and not to set a limit that you cannot afford.

3) Timing:

Timing is crucial for any renovation project and a timeline must be set to ensure it is completed by the time you are hoping for. It takes on average 6 to 8 weeks to build the furnishings and a few days to install. Also, it is important to add a few weeks to spare on your timeline in case of any unplanned delays in the process. This is especially important this fall season as the winter is fast approaching, and you will want your project completed before the winter celebrations begin!

4) Choose the RIGHT company:

From your research, you should be able to choose a few companies in your area that you are comfortable with to design your new home project. However, some careful considerations should be made to ensure you are truly choosing the RIGHT company for you.

The company should:

  • e flexible with your budget
  • Work with you to produce a unique design that suits your needs
  • Have an on-site warehouse to ensure that all materials are produced by them
  • Be professional, punctual and responsible
  • Have completed projects that coincide with the style and craftsmanship you are looking for
  • Use materials that are of high quality

4) Choose the RIGHT company:

After choosing a company that fulfills these recommendations, the next step is to work with their designer and produce the layout of your renovation project. Once all designs have been confirmed, the creation and installation follow and you will have your new space completed in no time!

If the 5-step process is followed and all necessary considerations are taken, your renovation project will be stress-free and will not be a financial burden.



“We signed a contract with Neo kitchen to do the cabinets for a full kitchen renovation project. Michael and his team were very professional and helpful during the initial design phase where we have to choose the materials and finalize the design. Michael was very patient as we went through endless iterations. Michael is very knowledgeable in his trade and provided invaluable advice and expertise during this crucial phase.

The cabinets were delivered on time and the installation team worked very hard day and night to get it in quickly. The team is led by a master cabinet guy who talks little but really knows his stuff. The installation was flawless. Michael was very responsive when we asked for some modifications and even additions after the project was finished. I would highly recommend Neo Kitchen and Michael for any cabinet job.”



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