As modern advancement progresses, it is only ideal that our kitchen spaces and the technology in them progress as well. Today, there are several kitchen ideas that combine all these novel technologies. From smart refrigerators that let you know what is inside without the need to open the door to motion sensitive faucets that automatically turn on or off with just a simple touch, there are definitely a number of ways to use smart appliance technology in the kitchen. 


Even with the advent of modern technology, the fundamental elements that make up our kitchens, excluding the modern appliances, will remain. These elements include cabinets, pullout garbage and recycling bins, pantry storage, and countertops. It has always been a known fact that most people lean on kitchen materials and features that deliver basic function and classic style. And while it may be true that environment, space, and cultural differences impact the appearance of every individual’s kitchen, there is a unique cord of understanding still running even in modern kitchens. 

With that, here are some technological trends in the kitchen, more specifically kitchen cabinets, that may provide a valuable perception into what we can expect from the kitchen of the modern era. So here are some of the more important kitchen technologies in the world of kitchen cabinetry design.

The Power to Control Kitchen Cabinets

Touchscreen technology has been utilized for years now, nonetheless, it just recently found its way into modern homes, and becoming an indispensable feature in contemporary kitchen designs. With that, modern kitchen cabinets can now be installed with a built-in wireless touchscreen display on the can that lets you control with your voice or your fingertips. In addition to that, you can also opt for this display to be integrated into your kitchen island countertop and boast everything from a Wi-Fi connection to a cooking timer. While it may be true that the art of meal preparation might not need the aid of smart technology, touchscreen displays can help you in a number of ways. You can install program sequences that lets you open specific drawers containing the needed ingredients by only saying a word. You can also set a program where all drawers and cabinets are automatically closed as you exit the kitchen. You can even set a biometric sensor so that you can lock hazardous or sharp objects from your kids so that you would not have to worry about them playing with knives in the kitchen. You can also set digital cookbooks, online assistance, and AI-driven systems that can indeed assist you cut back on energy consumption while making the entire cooking process easy and stress-free. With this smart addition on your kitchen cabinets, you can effortlessly look for recipes on the go, and make your time in the kitchen as fruitful as possible.

Smart Refrigerators

One of the staples of modern kitchens is smart refrigerators. Smart refrigerators highlight a touchscreen display and the ability to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi to offer a wide variety of other features. Smart refrigerators features include internal cameras, more flexible user-controlled cooling options, and the capacity for you to manipulate it using your smartphone or tablet when away from home. Some smart refrigerators can even connect with other smart devices in your home; such as speakers, smart televisions, and many more other smart appliances at home. Smart refrigerators have also incorporated sensors to automatically open the door when your hands are full. Sensors in the door respond to a gentle bump by opening the door for you. Some models have sensors at the bottom of the unit that respond to foot gestures to open the fridge door for you. If the door is not closed tightly, the sensors respond and automatically pull the door shut to keep your food fresh and prevent cool air from getting out and running up your energy bills.

In most modern homes, it has been seen that smart refrigerators are incorporated and customized in order to blend and/or fit inside the kitchen cabinets. In this way, it provides the necessary functions stated above while also ensuring that the streamlined layout in most modern kitchens are still upheld. 


Motorized Kitchen Cabinets

Creating livable kitchens with technological enhancements is a must in today’s hectic lifestyle. A livable and accessible kitchen gets you the most return of investment in the long run. With that, you want to do your kitchen remodeling correctly. In addition to motion sensitive, soft-closing doors and drawers which avoid banging during closure, you should also consider the installation of motorized cabinets that raise and lower your cabinetry for more comfortable access. These quiet motor systems adjust the height of kitchen cabinets, so your storage spaces and appliances meet you, making it easier for you to access and utilize them on a daily basis. 

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Technology

Good lighting is always a must for a modern kitchen. A comprehensive kitchen lighting layout includes task, safety and ambient lighting. These lighting designs can be achieved through a variety of fixtures which may be hidden or installed to make a statement. Modern kitchens greatly utilize under cabinet lighting which not only regulates the mood of your kitchen space but also provides significant illumination when doing tasks in the kitchen. These tasks and undercabinet lighting can be controlled by smart technology that provides illumination in the kitchen with only a touch of a button or the tap of a phone setting. Furthermore, you can set the mood of your space by adjusting the brightness, intensity and zone lighting in your kitchen cabinets with only a touch of your fingers from anywhere in home. 


Smart Bins

Modern technology greatly advances environmental protection and waste management. It is a known fact that one of the biggest issues that we need to deal with in the kitchen is waste management and disposal. With that, modern kitchen technology has found novel ways in order to reduce waste production at home. 

Aside from recycling, reusing, and repurposing, smart kitchen technology can aid in providing solutions in waste management. Smart bins that can be incorporated and installed in under the sink kitchen cabinets can help reduce your food waste production by converting it into compost or organic nutrients that can be used to feed growing plants. These composts can then be later put to good use in your garden or even given to local farmers for use in the production of food in the market.


These advanced kitchen cabinet design ideas are ideal for homeowners interested in making a timeless kitchen that is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. With continuously developing technologies and smart additions to our kitchens, there is surely a whole new world of possibilities for our intimate space. Indeed, the future of kitchen design is radiant.


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