A change in season means a change in trend, and 2017 is filled will new and beautiful design elements. There is something for everyone this season; filled with designs on both sides of the spectrum from very minimal to extremely bold. Whether you’re interested in changing your kitchen, living room or bathroom cabinets, these trends are interchangeable between rooms and look great in any part of your home.

Here is the top Summer Trends for 2017

Two-Toned Cabinets

People all over are falling in love with two toned kitchen cabinets, of course you would have to choose colours that will compliment your home some great summer options are; powder blue and white, a light brown top cabinet with dark brown bottom cabinet or if you want to be really bold, choose a very summery colour like aqua green and pair it with white for summer bliss all year round.

Minimal Cabinets with Bold Patterned Floors

A big style trend this year is patterns, but in the right places. A common practice would be to add your patterning to your backsplash, but something new is keeping the cabinets and interiors very minimal and going all out with an amazing pattern floor. The floor pattern is obviously up to you, but consider choosing something with a pop of colour. You can always match your accessories to the colours in your floor pattern and give a cohesive style to any area of your home. In your bathroom, matching coloured towels or shower curtains and in your kitchen you can have your tea towels, or small appliances like kettles match.

Rustic Charm with Modern Twist

A huge trend this summer is marble, specifically white marble with grey accents paired with rustic natural wood. If you were thinking of remodeling your space, it is something to really consider. Combining the two different elements give the home such a modern look while still achieving the homey feel that everyone wants. The added benefit to this look is that any colour appliance really blends in and finds itself looking natural. Gold, silver, brass, black or even stainless can fit adding an extra stylistic element that will tie your entire space together. This look is also very minimal if you want it to be, but can be played up by adding pops of colour anywhere they fit, for example adding bright dishes for the summer months look great against the marble.


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