If you have a kitchen with limited space there are a lot of things you can do to make it feel bigger, or things you can add to make more storage such as custom kitchen cabinets.

Let’s look into the the options for remodelling your kitchen, here are some things to consider to add a more spacious feeling:

“Opening up” Your Floor Plan

When your kitchen is small in size it is great idea to give it the illusion of a larger area. Maybe removing walls is not an option for your structure, but you can still remove barriers between rooms and give your home the opportunity to be a real living space. Making every room in the house a space for you and your family to really engage is important. Keep wall colours consistent. By simply changing the paint colours between rooms to be alike, you make a separation but still allow flow between the major aspects of the house. Consider using the same colour for rooms that connect, such as the entry way into the living room, to keep a cohesive and strategic area and feel larger.

Paint Colours

Speaking of cohesive colours, your colour palette can make a big difference in terms of perceptive sizings. Many experts have shown us how brighter colours can open up a space, giving a larger feeling to most rooms especially when there is good lighting and if possible, natural sunlight. Something even as simple as changing the colour of the walls will really open up your kitchen. Choosing shades of white, or neutral tones like cream, light grey, pale yellow will open up the space and create depth. You could even open more options and paint your cabinetry with a two-toned kitchen and really bring your space to life.

Small Appliances

If you are willing to do more with less, you can start by making the decision to install smaller appliances. Downsizing your stove and fridge allows more room for storage space while still looking sleek. Another step you can take is keeping counter-top appliances separate so that your counter top is always clutter free. Having a clean counter gives the space an inviting feeling and a larger look. Neo Kitchen’s innovative work has previously introduced the “garage cabinet” where you can hide small appliances such as toasters, blenders, coffee makers, etc. and keep them out of sight when it is closed, yet easily accessible when it is open.

Going Custom

If you are interested in a complete remodel, having custom made cabinets for your kitchen is the best way to go. Neo Kitchen has designers that will come to your home to help create your dream kitchen with you, even if your space is limited. There are a lot of components to consider, such as how much storage you may need, how much countertop space is necessary for your meal preparations, if space allows for a kitchen island, how much seating is needed for your family, and so forth. We take into account what are some of the things you really need, as well as what you want (don’t forget to treat yourself too!) We have all sorts of solutions from a built in spice rack or garbage can to two layers of upper cabinetry, crown moulding, storage accessories, and many more ideas. Our design specialists will walk you through all of the options and design a kitchen that meets your standards and exceeds your expectations.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again! Custom cabinetry lets you explore all of your options, leaving no space behind and no detail spared. Your home should reflect your ideal living space, style and personality. With our guidance there is no risk. Your ideas will be the base of the design and our skilled designers and craftsmen will let it flourish while adding the functionality and benefits that you may not have considered before. Together we can complete a beautiful renovation that will last for many years to come!

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