Each bathroom needs a vanity because it provides essential storage space, is incredibly useful, and looks beautiful. It also helps you make it through the morning peak hours. If you wish for your bathroom redesign to be successful, you cannot just place any vanity unit. Therefore, evaluating the usefulness, form, and appearance of the various vanities is critical.

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A freestanding bathroom vanity is one of the most popular vanity units. However, there are wide varieties as well. But not every homeowner will be able to choose to go with this type. As a result, this article painstakingly assembled a list of benefits and drawbacks to help picky connoisseurs choose the best option on a vanity type for their bathroom.

Pros of Freestanding Bathroom Vanity:

  1. It comes in a Wide Range of Sizes, Shapes, and DesignsMany manufacturers produce freestanding bathroom vanities due to their widespread use and extensive history. You will therefore have a wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs to pick from when buying. Freestanding cabinets do not rely on the countertop as a component of their structural and mechanical rigidity, unlike floating bathroom vanities. You can purchase a freestanding bathroom vanity with a sink and countertop installed, or you can buy one without and add your own for a little extra customization, such as a marble top or a different kind of quartzite countertops.Standard sizes are also available for freestanding bathroom vanities. It may be straightforward to replace your old vanity with a fresh one that will fit precisely. Standard vanity widths range from about 18 inches in width for a tiny powder room to about 72 inches in width with the capacity for two sinks. Freestanding bathroom vanity heights range between 32 to 36 inches, and the average depth is approximately 20 to 23 inches.
  2. It provides a Classic Aesthetic.Due to its ageless charm, a freestanding bathroom vanity makes remodelling your bathroom simpler. Freestanding vanities have been prevalent in bathrooms for generations. Freestanding vanities complement various bathroom styles, including traditional and contemporary bathroom settings. Furthermore, because of this classic and timeless beauty of freestanding bathroom vanity, it can also be easier for you to inject conventional or modern bathroom designs, for they can easily blend well with different design elements. Through this, you can make a bathroom space that is uniquely and personally yours. Also, unlike wall-hung bathroom vanities, freestanding ones are designed to hide all of your plumbing, which can sometimes be unsightly. This design implies that irrespective of your plan, you will not be concerned about your pipelines being in a setting where they can be visible. Additionally, it makes the space appear aesthetically pleasing with timeless appeal. 
  3. Decently Sized StorageFreestanding vanities offer an abundance of storage space, which is necessary for all of your bathroom necessities. They are ideal for keeping your bathroom tidy and maintaining a minimalist design because you can keep all your essential items out of sight.A freestanding vanity often has more drawer and cupboard capacity than a floating one. Freestanding units are also simpler to install than others unless you switch to a smaller model or change the piping. They can also help you save some money. In most cases, the professional cost of installing a freestanding vanity is cheaper than when installing a floating vanity. Although, you must note that your area’s size, materials, and installation costs will influence the price.

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Cons of Freestanding Bathroom Vanity:

Generally, freestanding bathroom vanities function well, but there are a few drawbacks. One is that they render the bathroom floor more difficult to clean. So, you must look for dirt that collects around the vanity’s legs and remove any dirt that creeps under the unit.

Also, freestanding vanities come in various sizes and designs, but they all share the same feature: they always stand upright on the floor. Notably, if you have a tiny bathroom area, this may be a worry as it eats up square footage and acts as a divider between one section of the room to the next, leaving the bathroom feeling less roomy.

Another drawback is that you may have to start from scratch if you need to replace your standalone bathroom vanity. The switch should be simple if you return your present vanity with one of the exact sizes. However, if you choose a different size, you might have to relocate your piping or repaint portions of the floor that the old vanity had previously occupied. Even if you do it yourself, this can raise the cost of the job. The price would increase even further if you want the services of a flooring or plumbing expert.


A freestanding vanity, also known as floor-mounted, lies on the floor and can be supported by the wall alone. Freestanding bathroom vanities are generally considered a more conventional alternative. Still, they are the ideal DIY installation job because they are prefabricated and available in a wide range of design and colour options. You can also choose a customized alternative or reuse another piece of furniture to achieve the desired style.

Freestanding bathroom vanities can provide functional storage space and enable you to use fewer tiles when completing your bathroom floor, depending on the style and proportions. Although one-sink cabinets may require more floor space due to the additional storage, they can be the ideal solution for bathrooms with limited space.

So, if you are thinking of renovating your bathroom space soon, installing a freestanding bathroom vanity should be a thought you should consider.


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