The most popular trends can help you along your design journey, whether remodelling a tiny kitchen or creating your ideal kitchen from the start. From striking casbinetry hues and fascinating backsplash to more practical concepts like hidden storage or intelligent technology, hoping in new trends can be an exhilarating experience. So even if you own a small kitchen, many options are available for you and your needs.


However, the 2022 trends listed below are much more than new trends in small kitchens. The bulk of these further kitchen modifications indicates societal changing priorities while living in a pandemic. However, a handful is thrown in purely for the aesthetic aspect they bring. These trends undoubtedly represent a kitchen as it ought to be: a place with more love, laughter, and fantastic food.

  1. Making Use of Contrasting Kitchen Materials
    Contrast is the key to successful material blending. In 2022, there is an expected rise in using a variety of sensory textures and designs that complement one another, whether in striking or quiet contrast. Mixing textures immediately adds interest. You can easily experiment with various finishes. For instance, contrasting hues, patterns, and textures of wood and metals frequently offer warmth and depth to an excellent marble surface. Concrete, metallics, and marble also work well together. Alternately, contrasting finishes also work well for creating visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing zones in the kitchen, mainly if you are working with a small kitchen. By displaying your personality, combining materials may refine a kitchen’s design and tie a look. 
  2. Utilizing Vibrant Kitchen ColorsWhether utilized as a cabinet colour or an accent colour, green is a popular choice among homeowners this 2022. This striking colour scheme has established itself as a staple in many kitchen designs with an industrial feel, providing the room with the harmony and serenity it needs. The deeper end of traditional colours, such as blues, greens, and metallics, will make a comeback in kitchen trends in 2022. Warm, earthy tones, as well as subdued, mid-tone greens, will also be present. These colours go well with striking elements like prominent shelves, cabinets, and work surfaces that are big, patterned, or textured. Metallic accents are a terrific way to instantly transform your small kitchen interior and add elegance, glitz, and refinement. They also go exceptionally well with bright colours, which can add more character to your tiny kitchen.



  3. Practicing minimalismAlthough it’s not a new trend, many tiny kitchens will concentrate on making a minimalist style and decor in 2022. Since the space is already constrained, functionality will take precedence over unused furnishings, appliances, and decorations. With their clear lines and carefree details that encourage openness and a sense of serenity, minimalist kitchens provide a peaceful haven from the rush and congestion of modern society. Elegantly straightforward, minimalist kitchens typically choose geometric patterns and muted colour palettes over harsher decor options. To create and sustain a compelling minimalist small kitchen look, built-in appliances and integrated storage solutions to fit user requirements are also integrated in this trend.



  4. Aesthetically Attractive Sinks and FaucetsSinks and faucets are now very different from the commonplace silver that was popular only a few decades ago. Instead, highlight sinks and taps commonly come in many colours and materials. Metallics like gold and copper and matte faucets are popular choices, especially in an L-shape instead of a curved kitchen faucet. This rising tendency is also attributable to the expansion of modern faucet innovation, which may be very useful in a tiny kitchen, to include features like purified and rapid boiling water and a wider variety of hardware finishes. Additionally, more attention is paid to sinks as a detail in and of themselves, ensuring they enhance the stunning, styled appearance of contemporary sleek faucets. Everything is going to be a little bit more pleasant in 2022 for tiny kitchens because of this small yet striking trend. 
  5. Increased Use of Handleless KitchensIn line with the minimalistic concept, handleless kitchen cabinets will be a significant trend in 2022 for small kitchens. Modern kitchen design emphasizes multifunctional and free-flowing style and design with a paired clean and straightforward overall appearance. While handleless cabinet doors are nothing uncommon, bottom and corner cabinets can now be completely handle-free thanks to technology developments in push-open and push-close doors. This design is all about cleanliness and emphasizes kitchen cabinet details strongly, without anything distracting from the doors’ attractiveness. Handleless kitchens have lasting appeal and will continue to be influential in 2022 for small kitchens, whether they feature a beautifully textured hardwood or tiled finish or even a striking handleless shaker kitchen cabinet door.



  6. Open and Floating ShelvesWhile most contemporary kitchens combine bottom, high, and wall units, there has been an increase in demand in recent years for tiny kitchens without any wall cabinets and go for open and floating shelves instead, which has numerous advantages of its own. Firstly, open shelving offers the ideal chance to introduce a touch of your personality into the space. Whether it’s a display of plants, photographs, books, or decorations, it’s a clean slate where you can leave your unique mark. Alternately, a plain background is perfect for emphasizing striking cabinetry or worktops, whether they have an opulent finish in marble, metals, or wood. Lastly, open shelves, which take the place of wall units in smaller kitchens, offer more styling possibilities and keep the room from seeming cramped.

Final Thoughts: 

In 2022, kitchen design trends have changed and are much more fascinating than ever. In the past years, the kitchen has readily evolved from a merely practical location for cooking to a place to unwind with family, supervise children’s schoolwork, and do home-based business.

Thus, the aforementioned new trends for small kitchens are undoubtedly well-thought-out, deliberate, and not fleeting fads. As a result of a renewed emphasis on natural elements, colours drawn from the outdoors, like green, and subtle design elements that enhance your stay in the room, they are intended to create a more calming and pleasant space that will last the passage of time.


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