Neo Kitchen is a custom cabinet manufacturer located in Vaughan, Ontario. We excel in the cabinetry field offering innovative solutions and quality craftsmanship, as well as comprehensive design meetings and superior customer service. Our attention to details allowing us to create the dream cabinets that enhance our customers’ lifestyle.

Most people do their research before hiring a team to complete their project, and our clients begin their journey with us with confidence. Upon researching Neo Kitchen, you will come across reviews from previous clients that have left numerous evaluations commending us on our detailed work and friendly customer service. Trust is built over time and we prove time and time again that every client will get their desired outcome. New customers will find themselves in different situations, for example, problems with heavy usage of the kitchen, first time home buyers with zero renovation experience, tight budgets, etc. Neo Kitchen cares about our clients and will find a solution for each scenario, even after the warranty period ends.

When a new client begins their journey with us, we start immediately from the basics – what they are looking for and the space that we are working with. Some clients may know exactly what they need, some only have a few ideas of what they want. In any circumstance, we take the time to understand their ideas and offer advice to give them every opportunity to reach or surpass their goals. Our clients can also become experts in design and renovation because we teach them everything we know along the way and pass on our expertise and history in renovation.

Neo Kitchen’s best feature is our fair pricing and no hidden fees. We always use high quality items and do not inflate our prices to create the restriction of unattainable goals. We understand that some customers will have a strict budget to work with and will find a way to get the highest quality available to fit within their budget. We also offer different promotions throughout the year, giving extra savings directly to the customer. Moreover, there are discounts and exclusive offers that we receive from partnering companies, all of which are available for our customers to take advantage of.

Of course every home is unique and creating custom cabinetry allows the homeowner to utilize every inch of the space. There are several companies that can offer this service, however we stand out from the rest with our expertise, friendly demeanor, fair pricing, promotions, and years of happy customers to attest to these facts.

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