So you’ve just remodeled your kitchen and it’s everything you could have dreamed of. Your custom kitchen cabinets fit everything just right but it’s missing something… your own personal touch!

There are many ways people settle into their kitchens and really make it the focal point for the entire home. You need more than just a space to cook. You need a place where you can bring the entire family together and share experiences. Here are a few ideas to really bring your kitchen to life.

Organizing the Space Around You

The benefit of creating your own custom kitchen means that you have the opportunity to put everything just where you’ve always wanted.  You love having your spice rack right next to the stove, you can make room for that! You love being just an arm’s reach away from your utensils, thanks to your own personal design, it’s possible. When the space around you feels comforting and easy to flow with you’ll easily settle into your own groove and enjoy your new space.

Adding a POP of Colour

When you’re designing your kitchen take the time to think about what will really make it stand out and attract people to always want to be around. Choosing a fun bright colour to accent with could really make all the difference. Consider a fun bright backsplash to really lighten the mood of your kitchen and bring the kitchen together. It will also be a great conversation starter. If bright isn’t your cup of tea consider a two-tone kitchen, your island can be a different colour from your cabinets to make it really stand out and be a focal point.

Adding Some Greenery

Making your kitchen feel like home could even be as simple as adding a few plants here and there to really give it an earthy feel. Succulents are a great example of plants that look great and are low maintenance and very trendy right now. Spend a weekend with your family getting a little in door garden set up and it will add colour and freshness to your home. You could even make a herb garden to regularly have fresh herbs with any meal.

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