The kitchen is the heart of the home, is the most used and has the most traffic coming through it day in and day out. This is why it is usually a top priority when renovating the home, and why we like to put all of our energy into the small details of customizing and building the one thing that will be viewed for a great amount of the time. Here we will discuss a few kitchen trends to try, look out for and ultimately spark your imagination before planning a kitchen renovation.

It looks like we went an entire decade with white cabinets and grey islands, paired with accent hardware and quartz countertops. And these pieces will continue to thrive and be timeless! The newest trends should not take away from the things you love, but rather entice you to see what you may like to add or include within your own styles.

white kitchen
While white is a fan favourite, we have also seen liveliness within colourful cabinets, ranging from dark moods to lighter pastels. The pantone colour of the year 2020 is Classic Blue! Get ready to see many households take on this bold colour, matched with crystal white countertops and upper cabinetry.

Two toned cabinetry is definitely one of the most common styles for the projects we have seen lately. No need to settle on one colour, play with shades and mix light with dark colours. There are a few different approaches to multi tones: upper vs lower cabinets, wall cabinets vs island, and a mix of the two with small cabinets vs larger or longer doors.

Along with colourful options, there is beauty in muted and natural tones. Adding a touch of grey or beige into the white cabinets bring in an earthly feel, and using walnut colours or butcher’s block countertops can bring in those farmhouse vibes that will be appreciated in any home.

Matte black appliances really hit the market during 2019. This creates a multi-dimensional feel within the kitchen area, and allows for some self-expression in small spaces that would predominantly carry appliances (they are much needed in a functional kitchen, after all!). If you are in the market for new appliances this is definitely the trend to look out for, but there is always the stainless steel appliances that we have grown to love over the years.

Kitchen countertops wrap the entire style and feel together, many have opted for using quartz countertops since they require less maintenance as opposed to marble or granite. They are also more budget friendly than their competitor materials, and offer different levels that can easily accommodate any budget, so long as you are open to several styles and patterns. Anything mimicking natural stone comes at a price!

If space allows you should consider including pantry. Plentiful space, unobstructed distance from the cooktop and conceal all of your ingredients in one large, storage friendly unit. With doors that match the cabinetry, it will be your best (not so secret) feature. If you have excellent organizational skills, consider using a clear glass or screen door, and allow your guests to see what a neat set up you have!

Hardware can be as dainty as a tiny knob, as bold as a thick metallic handle, or essentially nonexistent! Playing with metals gives a touch of colour and catches the eye in a muted setting. From handles to faucets, sinks to lighting, you can keep it consistent or mix it up to add layers (think multi chromatic jewelry). Another option is to go completely handle-less. Use functions such as push to open or 45 degree angled edges to pull open doors and drawers.

Open shelving could be a new possibility, even for just small parts of the kitchen. Use them to display your special plates, or even just everyday items that are reached for frequently. But beware – open shelves can accumulate dust and other elements, be ready to run the duster over them or give these items a quick rinse before use!

To oppose open areas, many have started to conceal areas for a more unified look. Things like the range hood, small countertop appliances and large appliances have been hidden behind beautiful cabinet doors. Paneled fridges and other appliances can create a consistent look, but may also tighten the space if overcrowded. Countertop space might also be sacrificed in order to keep this look consistent, make sure you have enough preparation space before considering this option.

To sum up this article, there’s only one important factor that is always on trend: your style. Fill your home with the things you love and leave out the things you don’t. Your personality should speak throughout your home and never be held back. That is why finding a trustworthy custom cabinet manufacturer to build your desired home cabinetry is important. They should listen to your wants and needs and guide you in the right direction for solutions.

Here at Neo Kitchen, we care about staying true to your style and personality. We will help you thrive with the possibilities!


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