The kitchen is the center of the home. Whether you and your family like to spend time in the kitchen to drink your morning cup of coffee, prepare home-cooked meals, invite and host guests and many more, the kitchen should be a space where you can be happy and proud of. Because the kitchen is definitely an important part of your home and living, it deserves nothing but the best.


Depending on your style and character, the kitchen may appear different and give various ambiance. However, no matter who you are or what you do, having a beautiful and luxurious kitchen definitely is a dream. With that, you should definitely invest in making and showcasing luxury and upscale kitchen cabinets for it is an amazing way to bring the kitchen space to life. The most luxurious and best custom cabinet will surely change your kitchen space for the better.

With that, this article will give you an idea on how luxurious custom kitchen cabinets could be, and possibly assist you when it is time for you to choose luxury and upscale kitchen cabinets for your own home.

  1. High Quality Materials
    Luxurious kitchen cabinets are made with the finest, premium, high quality materials. There are a lot of materials available in the market, but the most common is wood. Most luxury kitchen cabinets have high grading of the wood. This wood grading can be observed more if it is done with stained finishes. For most makers of luxury kitchen cabinets, they select and sort hardwoods in order to achieve the proper grain, clarity, and color consistency. It must be noted that a genuine sign of luxury is that it is not just the specific board, but also the panels and hardwoods are chosen for uniformity across the whole kitchen cabinet. Wood grains can also be sequence matched across multiple doors and drawers for a more defined and luxurious look. Furthermore, most kitchen cabinets interior are made from white oak, walnut, or maple veneers.Luxury kitchen cabinets also consider the species of the wood. There are many beautiful, responsibly gathered hardwoods obtainable to produce that exceptional appearance including those rare exotics from Asia, Middle East, and Africa. The availability of these woods permits homeowners to incorporate materials that they have gathered throughout their journey in different countries around the globe. 
  2. Expensive Finish
    Another important element in luxury kitchen cabinets is kitchen cabinet finish. This can be highly vital since it is frequently a one-time investment. Luxury kitchen cabinets focus on the durability, maintenance, and quality of available finishes.Stain is one of the most common finishes in luxury kitchen cabinets. Stain is applied on wood in order to change the color, enhance the grain, or to protect cabinets from damage. Stain looks like natural wood utilizing colors like oak, walnut, or pecan. Kitchen cabinets can be tainted below another finishing procedure in order to create an alternative final aesthetic.

    Another type of finish that luxury kitchen cabinets use is glazed cabinet finish. This type of finish can modify the color and texture of the cabinets, frequently utilized when applying faux-finishes. A glazed finish can also be put on top of paint or stain in order to emphasize the details in the species of wood in the kitchen cabinets. 

    The waterborne finish is also another finish that some luxury kitchen cabinets utilize. This type of finish is scratch-resistant, low in volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde-hazard free. Advantage of this type of finish is that there is less downtime between the time of application and use because waterborne finishes are dispersed in water.

    Lacquer finish is also another trend that is being observed in luxury kitchen cabinets. It generates a graphic impression and contrast as well as provides an exceptional texture and can effortlessly become the main point of the kitchen. Lacquer is a solvent-based product which produces a synthetic coating on surfaces in order to make a high gloss shine. Lacquer finish is the process by which many thin layers of lacquer paint are applied to wood kitchen cabinet panels and offers an opaque, rich and even, matte or glossy finish.

  3. Beautiful Hardware
    One of the most important elements that make a luxury kitchen cabinet is its hardware. Generally, there are two types of cabinet handles. These fall into the category based on the number of screws needed for attachment.


    When a simple hardware is attached to the kitchen cabinet drawer or door using a single screw, this is termed as knobs. Basically, this type of hardware is a no-brainer. You can easily install and craft it from a wide range of materials and finishes. Knobs are the most uncomplicated choice to achieve that luxurious kitchen cabinet. A coordinating backplate is usually added as an additional alternative in order to give protection against the wear and tear of day-to-day use while also enhancing the overall look and feel of the knob.

    Another type of cabinet hardware is the cabinet pulls. This handle utilizes two or more screws to attach. Aside from taking your personal preferences as consideration when choosing, the defining factor in which pull type to purchase also greatly depends on the center-to-center measurement. This refers to the measurement between the center of one screw hole to the next. Many homeowners who invest in luxury kitchen cabinets prefer cabinet pulls because it looks sleeker and more modern. 

    When talking about luxury kitchen cabinets, hardware finishes and materials are highly important. It is vital that you are able to coordinate them with the existing style of your kitchen. Most homeowners who aim for expensive looking kitchen cabinets choose bold colors, wood finishes, transparent glass, metal designs, and many more. You can also choose the right metallic tone in order to give a more classic or modern décor. Combining your hardware with a wood finish or solid color can help warm up the space or complement a bold design, respectively. 

  4. Expensive Cabinet Doors
    The most striking parts of your luxury kitchen cabinets are its doors. Since kitchens are made to last you a lifetime, luxury kitchen cabinets highlight the significance of the cabinet door that will make the kitchen an ageless and aesthetically-pleasing satisfaction for years to come. 

    • Wood Cabinet Doors
      Wood doors are a classic choice for luxury kitchen cabinets. Wood doors are an elegant choice because they are timeless. They also have beautiful wood grains visible underneath the stain, with each one being distinctive. There are a lot of wood kitchen cabinet doors available in the market. Homeowners choose among cherry, maple, red oak, walnut and many more. It is good to note that wood cabinet doors need routine maintenance in order to maintain their expensive appearance. That being said, many homeowners ask for high-quality protective finishes that can aid in keeping the kitchen wood cabinet doors looking fresh always. 
    • Laminate Cabinet Doors
      Another versatile option that you can choose for your luxury kitchen cabinets is the laminate. In addition to being available in a larger option of colors and finishes, modern technology has also permitted laminate cabinets to appear precisely like their real wood equivalents. Homeowners choose from a wide range of laminate doors that are offered in a number of different styles, from traditional and ornate to minimalist and Shaker. Many of those who aim for luxury cabinets choose laminate because they are more affordable than wood cabinetry and less complicated to preserve. They are also less vulnerable to heavy wear and tear, making them an ideal option for many families. 
    • Glass Cabinet Doors
      Glass cabinet doors are one of the staples of luxury kitchen cabinets. This type of door is loved by many homeowners because it elevates the style of any kitchen and makes the kitchen as a whole look expensive. Glass cabinet doors are an ideal option when you want to add style and artistry to your kitchen and if you want to display your collection of china and kitchenware. Many homeowners choose from a number of available varieties of glass textures, including those that imitate reeds and tree bark, seeded, and frosted glass. Whether you choose glass doors for the entirety of your cabinetry, or for select locations, they are definitely the option you need to achieve the luxury kitchen cabinet of your dreams. 


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