As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. With that, it is important to keep it updated and functional, and easy to use. Good thing that with the advent of technology, we can keep our kitchens at its peak condition. Truly modern kitchen and kitchen cabinets are not only technologically advanced, but they also offer amazing energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use.

There are a number of different modern appliances and devices you can choose from the market. We know that it gets overwhelming (even confusing) most of the time. Hence, in order to help you make your decision on what next technology you should go for, here is a list of the latest technology for the kitchen that we think you should really invest in.


1. Steam Ovens

Are you tired of cooking food in oil? Do you want to shift to a modern healthy way of cooking? Well, the steam oven is surely the answer to that!

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Cooking in steam has been done for a thousand of years. This type of cooking tends to be a healthier alternative than baking or frying in oil or fat. Furthermore, cooking in steam helps in retaining the natural texture, color, and flavors of food, thus maintaining its natural content of vitamins and minerals. With that, many people really are getting interested in doing steam cooking. Good thing that a steam oven is now available for people to use to shift to a healthier alternative of cooking!

Steam ovens are simple yet innovative technology. They are built in your kitchen. Steam ovens cook food with heat generated by boiling water in a built-in reservoir. When turned on, water from the steam ovens’ water canisters is injected into the boiler through a pump, and heat from the oven transforms this water into steam. With that, moisture is maintained throughout cooking, reducing the need for seasoning or oils. Furthermore, it significantly saves your time because steam ovens greatly reduces the cooking time, especially when you are cooking large quantities of food. With a steam oven, you can cook, bake, grill, and roast food. You can even disinfect some cooking materials in the steam oven if you want. It is understandable that this kitchen technology is swiftly rising to fame because of its versatility.


2. Custom Smart Refrigerators

Refrigerators are certainly a must and a need for a fully functional kitchen. If you have the usual traditional refrigerator, that is fine. But if you can, we highly suggest you invest in modern, custom smart refrigerators. Not only these refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing, but the functionality they have is just beyond amazing.

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Smart refrigerators are equipped with a touchscreen interface providing you a wide range of features. These fridges can be connected with the Wi-Fi that you have at home, making it easier to stream Youtube or Netflix or all other streaming services while you are cooking. Furthermore, they are equipped with internal cameras and voice command systems, hence giving you more features such as helping you keep track of your shopping list and their expiry dates. You can label these grocery items in your smart refrigerator so that when they are removed from the fridge or are expired, your smart fridge will automatically inform you through its screen. In addition to that, smart refrigerators can be linked through your smartphone, allowing you to view what is inside the fridge from your smartphone, even when you are not at home. It can also allow you to create schedules in your smartphone that can be linked to your smart fridge.

In the end, these smart refrigerators that can be easily customized to be fit in your kitchen cabinetry are such a game changer. It has the traditional purpose of refrigerators, however it offers so much more functions. With that, this modern technology should definitely be a must have today!


3. Smart Lighting

Any space in your home should have proper lighting because good lighting is everything! As you may know by now, lighting sets the mood of the whole space. Hence, it is important to have functional and aesthetically lighting in order to complete the whole dining and cooking experience in your kitchen.

Smart lighting system is a modern lighting technology that is connected with the internet, designed for modern homes. These smart lights can make decisions, follow schedules, and can be controlled using an application, your smartphone or a remote control. These smart lighting systems are also voice activated. In addition to that, these lighting systems can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, from under the kitchen cabinets, to the ceiling of the room, to the drop lights in the middle of your kitchen island, just almost anywhere in your kitchen.

The benefits of these smart lighting technology is that users can set schedules when to turn off, control brightness to set the mood of the whole place, or control the lights even if they are away. These lights can also be set up as motion based smart lights that can detect motion and turn on automatically, saving user time and making it more convenient in their part. With that, this comprehensive kitchen lighting will surely benefit you not only by providing you with ambient lighting in your kitchen but also by making your life so much easier.


4. Motorized Kitchen Cabinets

Well, kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements in your kitchen. They serve as storage of your kitchen utensils, materials, and the likes. They serve as the backbone of a fully functional kitchen. With that, it is important that your kitchen cabinets are up-to-date so that you can make use of them more efficiently.



Motorized kitchen cabinets are the latest technology in kitchen design. These kitchen cabinets still offer the traditional function of kitchen cabinets, however they accommodate a more modern feature to make your life easier. The benefits of motorized kitchen cabinets include the following:

  • Provides you better accessibility. These kitchen cabinets can open with a single touch. In some manufacturers, they said that they are developing a voice-commanded kitchen cabinet. They can also lift or lower, and close automatically, which offers you a wide range of mobility.
  • Has a cleaner design. These motorized cabinets and doors can hide kitchen materials automatically. In fact, these motorized kitchen cabinets can hide small appliances. These shelves can be designed in such a way that with a press of a button you can show or retract the material or appliance that you need at the moment.
  • Can be controlled by a smartphone. These motorized cabinets can be automated using a mobile app found in your smartphone. You can raise and open shelves, turn on lights in the cabinet, or even control the thermostat (if there is one built in your kitchen cabinet). Furthermore, you can program these cabinets according to your tasks on a daily basis, making it easier for you to open and grab materials you need for the day.


5. Built-in Vacuum Sealers

It is important to have a proper system in storing food, whether those that are fresh or left overs. Good thing that with the modern technology that is available there are appliances that can help us store fresh foods, meals, liquids, and etc.

Vacuum sealers are relatively newer technology that can help in preserving food in its healthiest form. With built-in vacuum sealers in your kitchen, you are able to seal your food without having to rely too much on expensive technology to vacuum seal. Now, with this, vacuum sealers that can be built into your cabinetry or appliance space, you can absolutely preserve your food in a much healthier and cleaner way.


Indeed, there are a number of different modern kitchen technologies that you can choose from in the market. However, the ones listed in this article are definitely something you should look into because they will surely make a significant impact in your life. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and our hearts deserve nothing less but the best.


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