There is no reason that your laundry room should not be as beautiful and functional as the rest of your home especially that most average families wash about 300 loads of laundry every year. With that, you really want to make sure that your laundry room remains as functional and easy to use as possible. A functional laundry room is composed of plenty of storage and built-in cabinets that will keep your laundry items in one place and also add value to your home. Hence, it is important to customize your laundry room because it can become one of the most versatile and usable multi-purpose spaces in your home.

Because it is a necessary part of everyday life, it is important to have a functional laundry room. Some people may dread doing this routine because of the current space they have that is not just functional or enough for them. A well-organized custom laundry will not do the laundry for you, however it will surely make your task a lot easier and better. With that, here are some of the benefits of having your own custom laundry room:

1. It Increases Functionality

Doing laundry frequently involves more than tossing dirty clothes into a washer and dryer. It also means different activities that require space and energy such as hand-washing delicates, scrubbing difficult stains, sorting and folding clothes and much more. For large families or homes without much laundry room space, laundry time can be frustrating especially that the usual laundry spaces found in homes are generally small, so it is vital that you must maximize the usage of the area you have. With that, installing custom cabinets is the answer to your problem. Custom cabinets are designed specifically in order to fit the space that you have at home. With this, you would know that you can make use of all the areas that you have. A floor-to-ceiling design can be done in a laundry room cabinets in order to really use the space. Hence, customizing your laundry room cabinet so that you can fold better and more clothes or you just want more storage space for your detergent, fabric softener, iron and other laundry supplies or whatever the reason maybe for doing so, it is indeed true that customizing your cabinets in your laundry room will significantly increase functionality of the space as a whole.

2. Adds Aesthetic

The laundry room is one of the spaces at home that you will most likely spend time with. So it is important you like what you see in your space. Thus, customizing the laundry room will let you enjoy being in it more because it is pleasing for the eyes and peaceful for your mind. Your customized laundry room cabinets will also give a more personal touch making you feel more connected to the space you have at home. Furthermore, customizing your laundry cabinetry can significantly impact the space that you have. For example, a bright white cabinetry can aid in brightening up your laundry area or a natural wood cabinet can give off a more elegant and stylish vibe. Other than increasing the function and storage of your laundry room area making it better and less cluttered, a customized cabinetry makes the whole laundry room of higher quality and more aesthetic.

3. Increases Value Of The Home

Customizing your laundry room can significantly add value to your home. It is always wise to make smart improvements to your living space in order to increase functionality and also increase its market value when you plan to leave in the future. With that, having your custom laundry room will surely be a deal breaker in people who plan to buy your property in the future. It is important to note that neutral finishes and design touches can be more appealing to a wider audience and hence are usually recommended if you plan to sell your property sooner or later. With planning to a service provider, you can change your space into something that is functional and aesthetically pleasing without having to blow up your budget. If done properly, you can increase the general value of the home because of having a custom laundry room.

With the benefits stated above, it is surely a wise decision to have your laundry room customized. There are several ways you can maximize your laundry room space and create a functional workroom without sacrificing the style and feel of your home. Moreover, there are custom laundry room ideas that you should bear in mind. Here are the following tips you can apply when customizing your laundry room:

1. Custom Cabinetry

Adding a custom cabinet to your laundry area can be an effective way in order to create a more organized laundry storage that works efficiently with space that you have in your laundry area. Here are some of the things you can consider when doing your custom cabinetry:

  • Hidden ironing board cabinet

    Just like the clothes hanger rack, the ironing board is one of those must-haves in any home that suddenly becomes a big inconvenience when not used. So instead of wasting space by owning a freestanding ironing board, you can opt to have your laundry cabinet customized in order to have the iron board hidden inside the behind it, because having one that is an extension of the cabinet is a much better choice for it saves a significant amount of space. These built-in ironing boards can stay hidden inside the custom cabinets in the laundry room and only revealed whenever you need it. However, it must be noted that there are required accessories in order to achieve hidden ironing boards in custom laundry room cabinets.

  • Hidden drawers


    Having your laundry basket inserted in a custom laundry room cabinet can be an effective and clean way in order to keep your dirty clothes. Some people preferred their laundry basket inserts sandwiched between the washer and dryer. However, whatever design you may prefer, having these deep drawers will surely provide you the perfect storage space for laundry baskets. It will also keep them out of sight so it would not be such an eyesore for you. More than that, it also provides you with easy access to your laundry clothes, making organizing laundry a breeze.

  • Pull out drying rack

    This pull-out clothing or drying rack is effective in order to have enough space in order to dry clothes especially those that are made with delicate material. One of the best features of having a pull-out rack is that it hides away when not in use, saving you a lot of space compared to having those that are made with a standee. Moreover, these custom laundry cabinets with pull-out drying racks provide significant versatile utility for your laundry room. With having these custom cabinets that provide you enough space to hang clean clothes or hang wet clothes up to dry, it will surely streamline your laundry routine, making the activity less hassle and more functional.

  • Customized Counter-space


    Customizing your laundry cabinets with counter space can add a significant function to your laundry room. You can utilize the counter top for folding or placing your laundry basket or other items while you work. Custom cabinets can surround the front-loading washer and dryer in order to provide more extra counter space that is perfect for folding laundry, additional storage, or any other laundry related activity. It also gives a more sleek built-in look if you place the counter top over your washer and dryer. It must be noted that you do not need to spend so much on solid granite like you would in your kitchen. A neutral laminate or cost-efficient wood countertop can work effectively for your laundry room.

2. Storage Hacks

As stated above, most homes have small laundry areas. Hence, most people struggle to keep their laundry rooms tidy due to the small space that they have. With that, it is important to increase storage. There are a lot of ways to maximize storage even in the smallest laundry rooms because they are frequently unused corners, open walls, or untapped floor space that all can be utilized for storage. Here are the things you can customized in order to increase your storage space:

  • Laundry Shelves


    Just like in any room of the home, shelves provide a convenient way to store a lot of different things. In the laundry room, it can significantly save space and keep everything organized through storing laundry detergent, dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, and all other laundry or non-laundry essentials. Open shelves are a plus in laundry rooms because it gives you easy access to everything. It also lets you see what you have so that you can grab it quickly. Hence, customizing your laundry room with shelves will surely add your storage space. There are different areas, even in small laundry rooms, that you can customize for shelving such as the space above the washer or dryer or in hidden corners of the room.

  • Laundry pegboard

    Most laundry rooms have cleaning tools and laundry supplies that are cluttered everywhere in the laundry space. Customizing your laundry room with a pegboard can be a great addition in order to organize these cleaning tools and laundry supplies, saving you more space in the whole area. A pegboard also has a flexible design that allows you to have more space for the tools you might need while making sure you can find, use, and return to them easier and faster. Hence, if you are looking for a way to save space in your small laundry room while making sure it stays functional, the pegboard is your answer.

  • Laundry bookshelf or dresser


    You can customize your laundry room by repurposing an old bookshelf or dresser in order to create a cheap and convenient storage area in the laundry room. Dressers or bookshelves with flat tops placed or custom built in your laundry area can also provide a convenient folding area or a place to store clothes baskets, saving you a significant amount of space in the whole area. It is also suggested that in order to keep the shelving or drawers organized and tidy you can organize smaller items into glass containers, baskets, or bins inside these bookshelves or dressers.

  • Wall-mounted drying rack

    A wall-mounted drying rack is the perfect solution in order to dry wet clothes. It can also be utilized in order to hang delicate items that you do not want to put in the dryer. Most of the wall-mounted drying racks can be customized in your laundry area in order to have the ability to be folded away when not in use. This significantly saves space in your laundry room, making sure you only use it when you need to.

  • Lift the washer and dryer in order to create more storage


    Customizing your washers and dryers in order to have risers that include a built-in drawer can be an effective way in order to maximize space and increase storage. Other than providing you additional storage space for dryer sheets, detergent, and other useful items, this also improves your body position and thus reduces back pain due to prolonged loading and unloading of the washer and dryer that can be harmful to your overall health.

In conclusion, customizing your laundry room will surely benefit you in many ways. It can significantly improve the function, aesthetic, and value of your home in general. As long as you follow the tips state above on how to customize your laundry room cabinetry and storage, you will surely reap the benefits when you customize your laundry room.


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