There is no doubt that many, if not all, people tend to overlook cabinet handles when they are remodeling their kitchen or when they are building a new home. After all, kitchen cabinet handles are pretty small, simple to install, and are relatively cheaper compared to other larger and more expensive kitchen elements such as the kitchen cabinet itself and kitchen appliances. Nonetheless, kitchen cabinet handles or cabinet pulls or cabinet knobs can actually make a huge impact in the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen space. You must remember that you utilize your cabinet hardware multiple times a day, and while hardware like cabinet hinges are not particularly noticeable, kitchen cabinet handles can actually add to or detract from the look of your kitchen, depending on how considerately you decide your kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. 


With that, if you are remodeling or building new, you definitely need to know what kitchen cabinet handle will work best for you and the look you are aiming for. Rest assured that at the end of this article, you will be able to find out what kitchen cabinet handles you are into.


  1. Know if you want knobs or pulls
    There are two different types of kitchen cabinet handles or hardwares. These include knobs and pulls. On one hand, knobs are small handles mounted with a single screw. Cabinet knobs typically only require one screw. Knobs are available in many different types such as from mushroom to square. However, choosing the type is a matter of your preference.
    On the other hand, pulls function the same way as knobs, but they are frequently larger, thinner, and provide more surface area which makes them easier to grip. Most pulls require two screws for installation. However, it must be noted that there are a number of pull types that do not need the common two-screw installation. Ring and pendant pulls only require one installation screw, while drop-handle pulls are usually mounted to a drawer or cabinet door with a backplate. Also, commonly found in modern style homes, finger pulls are mounted to the top edge of a cabinet or drawer with the back hidden behind the cabinet or drawer’s face. The projection of finger pulls is usually deeper than the cabinet or drawer face in order to ensure that there is enough of the cabinet pull or drawer pull to grab on. Another pull is the recessed pulls which are installed within a drawer or cabinet’s face, or front panel. The depth of this pull is not deeper than the depth of the cabinet door or drawer. At the end of the day, no matter what pull you choose, just like knobs, it is a matter of personal preference and style.

  2. Think about the Material
    It must be noted that the hardware material can significantly impact the style and feel of your kitchen. Most cabinet pulls and knobs are made out of metal. However, There are also other knobs and pulls that are made out of glass, wood, crystal, plastic, and stone that come in different shapes, forms, and colors.

    For metal knobs and pulls, it is widely popular in modern, mid-century modern, traditional, French country, or transitional style kitchens, however it can definitely work well in any home and kitchen style. Glass knobs or pulls are unique hardware that can raise the lux feel of the kitchen space, especially when you choose a base finish that highly works with your kitchen design. Most glass knobs or pulls are found in traditional, glam, or industrial style kitchens. Wood knobs and pulls look great in rustic or coastal style homes, and pair well with unfinished wood vanities, cabinets, and drawers. Crystal knobs and pulls are ideal for glam or traditional style homes. It can definitely provide an eccentric taste to your kitchen. Lastly, stone knobs and pulls are available in marble, granite, and travertine that are frequently observed in traditional style homes. However, stone knobs and pulls can also be installed to any home in order to add some unique design element. 

  3. Consider the Finish
    While chrome or brushed nickel is a famous choice among homeowners, there are definitely a number of different other finishes available that you can choose from in order to elevate the overall look and feel of your kitchen. The most common mistake people commit is by strictly following the rule that their faucet and cabinet handle finish should match. However, you must remember that there is no need to match them as long as the finish complements each other. Some finishes that go well with brushed nickel or brushed stainless faucets include antique pewter, bronze, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, aluminum, black matte, and rust. Finishes that go well with a chrome faucet include white, black, dark bronze, pewter, or clear glass.



  4. Decide and Incorporate Cabinet Handle Style There are definitely many other cabinet handles and elements in your kitchen that can surely give a significant effect on the overall look of your kitchen. With that, it is important that you choose knobs and pulls that can match or complement with the existing kitchen decor in your space. 

    If your kitchen has a modern look, you could consider having a cabinet handle that has angles and a very simple design or a square knob. It is good to note that you can find knobs and pulls in a wide variety of designs, so if you have a minimalist kitchen, you can look for kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls that have cleaner shapes and lines, and if you have a rustic kitchen, you can find kitchen cabinet handles produced from twisted wrought iron. It is important that you choose hardware that is consistent with the type of lines in your kitchen design. Shaker, flat panel, or any modified shaker door with a flatter and squared look are examples of square cabinet styles. Square style hardware can still be round in shape with square contours. These are more contemporary. Traditional raised panel doors, pillow-top doors, recessed panel doors with ogee edges, or beads on the inside or outside profiles are examples of curved cabinet styles. Curved style hardware has soft edges and more detail, hence are considered as more traditional or transitional.

  5. Prioritize Comfort Before buying the handle, you should definitely try out the knob or pull. It is important that you touch it, feel it, and fit your hand inside the handle. You should assess if it fits and feels nicely. You should be able to fit four fingers around it comfortably. It is also important to take note if the handle has sharp edges or ridges that can press on your fingers. When you use these handles pretty much always on a daily basis, it is important that you prioritize the comfort when using them. 

  6. Consider the Total CostThe total cost when buying the handle should also be one of your top considerations. You must keep in mind that you get what you pay for. There are many providers with inexpensive handles, however they may be poor quality and cheap looking. With that, instead of going to the big stores, we suggest that you look for hardware through your local cabinet showrooms. They will usually have a wider variety of handles you can choose from, plus they have salespeople on hand to assist you.

    A well price range for knobs is usually $6 to $10 and for pulls is usually $7 to $12 and higher. These prices are greatly based on finish and design. It is good to note that solid stainless steel or bronze will frequently cost you more. In addition to that, the longer pulls will also run more in cost since there are more materials utilized. At the end, whatever you choose, we also suggest that you always order a few extras just in case your handle becomes damaged in the future.


Kitchen cabinet handles are indeed the jewelries and accessories of the kitchen. With that, just like the normal accessories we have in our wardrobes, kitchen cabinet hardwares must be comfortable, and must complement and enhance the design of the kitchen space. So before you purchase your kitchen handle, make sure that you do some research, check on the samples, and examine the finishes with your existing kitchen design elements in order to have the perfect fit that will elevate the look and the feel of your kitchen.


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