Custom Kitchen Renovation

It means that the kitchen is completely designed and renovated depending on your needs, and your functionality. At many times the kitchen is the focal point of the home for many families, and it’s the one that really serves a lot of purpose, other than cooking. Not only is the kitchen functional but it is a way to bring that whole family together. Therefore it is important you spend time with the renovation and make it so that it particularly fits what you and your family envision it to look like- making it custom of course.

Buy New Appliances Or Can I Keep My Own?

This is completely up to you, whether you choose to purchase new ones or keep your existing appliances-we create a design depending on your choice. One thing that we will suggest is for your kitchen to have an overall flow you want to make sure that the appliances match the style that you are going for. Décor is just as important as the design of the kitchen because it adds flow and personality. Therefore it is important to make this decision first and then to proceed with choosing other design elements for your kitchen.

What Countertop Do I Want?

The countertop is something that is completely customized to the colour, shape, and fit that you are looking for. This also depends on your budget and exactly what material you are looking for. What we recommend is that you do your research on countertop brands and check the durability on them, because we understand this process can be pricey that’s why we stress that research is key; because some high end materials looks incredible but require some extra care and maintenance that you might not be prepared to deal with in a long term basis. Also you want to choose a material that reflects how you work with countertops, for example: if you plan to chop and prepare foods directly on the surface of your countertop-you might want to consider a material that withstands this type of use. This is why everything is custom-because we want to reflect the way you work within the kitchen.

Traffic To Flow Through My Kitchen

If you are someone who works a lot around the kitchen you might want to consider a design that works well with how you tend to flow within it. Also how do you prepare your food, what areas do you tend to use a lot? If you want a layout that is inviting to guests, adding an island is always a great idea. Add some stools and you have the perfect layout to turn it into a kitchen bar, and be inviting to guests.

What Type Of Kitchen Cabinets Do I Want?

Your custom kitchen cabinets will be the key to not only the overall appearance but to the functionality of your kitchen. You want the cabinets to be aesthetically pleasing but to also serve the sole purpose of giving you maximal storage. Utilize all the available space by adding a carousel in corner cabinets. Glass doors can provide you with the opportunity to display your heirloom dishes and they also make finding dishes easier with the see-through design.

As you can see there are many things to consider when renovating your kitchen, but if there is one thing we recommend it ensuring that you do your research and know exactly what you are looking for. It is very easy to get carried away and confused, which then leads to you stressing out-but with the right company, inspiration, and research everything is possible!

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