Laundry is a chore that nobody ever enjoys. But considering that you wash clothing frequently during your month or week, why not design the space as appealing and well-organized as possible? A well-designaed laundry room enhances the room’s practicality and efficiency rather than merely making it look nice.


Thus, the times when the laundry was a forgotten room with only the necessities are long gone. The new standard is to create a laundry that is customized to your requirements and maximizes functionality. To ensure you do not overlook anything while creating your laundry, let’s talk about the trends witnessed and some suggestions.

Here are some laundry room cabinet trends for 2023.

  1. Neutral Colors and Natural TonesNeutral colours and natural tones are the two visual trends dominating laundry room cabinets this 2023. 

    Cabinets made of natural wood, like cherry, maple, and oak, provide a calming, clean aesthetic. All of these wood species work well with natural stone decorations and accents on the walls and floors for an appearance that can help you feel more connected to the outdoors, and that was manufactured with little treatment or impact on the environment. To even further embrace the sense of peace and soft warmth or coolness, based on the tones you select for your laundry room, you can add colours with a hint of blue-grey or mint emerald or greens to your wall or cabinet colour, mosaic tiling, or floor coverings, and rug areas to make your space more cohesive and subtle to the eyes. 

  2. Highly Condensed and Flexible Custom Laundry RoomsMore than ever, contemporary laundry room cabinets are being made with a preference for simplicity and minimalism. Each cabinet is made with adaptability, and each piece of furniture may fold, extend, transform, or pull out. Custom cabinets frequently include shelving and other practical storage components like hanging spaces. When you have custom laundry cabinets made, you may build a cabinet in your laundry room for linen hampers, soaps, washers and dryers, and other home supplies that are well fitted for the space. 
  3. Windowed Cabinet DoorsLaundry Cabinet doors with windows compromise between open and closed storage. Despite helping to hide any clutter, the cabinet door grids and structure let you view what might be within your cabinets.

    The laundry area now has more visual appeal thanks to this new cabinet door selection trend for 2023. In addition to directing light across the room, windowed laundry cabinetry can lighten the weight of the cabinet wall and open up the height of your laundry room. You can also showcase ornamental items or clean items in laundry cabinets with windowed doors for quick identification and retrieval.

  4. Addition of Laundry Cabinet LightingAlthough laundry room lighting is sometimes disregarded, good lighting can facilitate work in this space. One of the most anticipated trends for 2023 is undoubtedly improving proper lighting in the laundry room. By illuminating only the area, you are working in, under cabinet lighting enhances the illumination in your laundry room. If you are only using overhead lighting to work, there will almost certainly be a lot of shadows that can get in the way of your tasks. Operating in a room with direct lighting is considerably more enjoyable when doing laundry.

    Furthermore, you will eventually spend less on energy since you won’t have to switch on the lighting in the entire room when you add under-cabinet lighting to the doors of your laundry cabinet. These savings rise if you select LED lighting and distribute the lighting across various switches.

  5. Open Shelving CabinetsOpen laundry cabinets can help arrange daily laundry items like fabric conditioners or laundry soap that you access frequently. Another clever method for organizing the space is to add containers categorized with each person’s belongings for sorting laundry that is ready to be tucked and stored. Alternatively, you can also have an excellent display of clean clothing by sorting materials based on colours or patterns using baskets.


    Even more crucial than how they appear is where you put the shelves in your laundry room. It is best to hang shelves in a location that considers how you will utilize the space and move around it and the items you intend to store on them. Mounting racks above or next to the washer and dryer is recommended.

  6. Cabinetry in two tones

    Using two-tone cabinetry is a further laundry trend for 2023 that is anticipated to endure. Cabinetry with two colours is not a recent design trend. However, this design style’s aesthetic appeal and practical intent make it understandable why so many people are drawn to it. You are strongly advised to pick complementary colours from a neutral colour scheme to help brighten up a compact laundry room and give it a personal touch. Furthermore, two-toned cabinets can look stylish when combined with laundry cabinets with glass doors or even when the base cabinets are darker, and the upper cabinets are lighter. You will surely fall in love with the laundry room if it has two-toned cabinets paired with a lovely tile floor and gorgeous wallpaper or tile backsplash on the walls.

  7. Mix-and-Match Shelves and CabinetsOne of the most functional areas in your house should be the laundry room. Therefore it should have a range of storage options for everything you need to keep. This storage will make the room more functional. Combining slots, open shelves, drawers, and closed cabinets to create a personalized laundry room space that fits in even the tiniest areas is one of the trends for laundry cabinets in 2023. These combinations may feature top laundry cupboards for mittens, hats, and other seasonal accessories. You may tidy your open space by placing baskets on the open shelves. Daily cleaning supplies, such as fabric softener and detergent, can be kept in lower laundry cupboards. This combination not only adds function to your laundry room but can also increase your space’s aesthetic and personal touch. 

Final Thoughts: 

It is simple to accumulate clutter on top of the washer or on a shelf crammed with too many items because so many detergents, sanitizers, and cleaning solvents are needed to complete a decent load of laundry. Cabinets quickly become a necessary laundry room design combined with much filthy clothing, laundry hampers with clean ones, and small gadgets like irons and steamers.

The size of your room, the kind of washing machine and dryer you have, and your taste in decor will all affect how you organize your laundry room space, including shelves and cabinets. However, suppose you ever decide to make some significant (or little) modifications to your laundry room soon. In that case, you can apply the above-mentioned top trends for 2023, and you will surely come up with a laundry room that you will not only enjoy but also be able to use wisely and effectively. 


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