Many trends that are visible in 2017 is the use of colour, windows, and technology. Unlike previous years, this year has popular designs that everyone will like. If you are looking to create something completely different from what you have now, then there are loads of improved and divergent trends that will not only benefit the appearance but also the overall functionality of the bathroom. Even if you are on a tight budget-and are looking just re-vamp the area, then continue reading because there are multiple ways you can do so. It’s time to bring your bathroom into the new millennium!


Although many say that the bathroom shouldn’t be too colourful and bold, it’s also important that colour adds a different ambience and flow-that you can’t simply have with just décor. Pastels and neutrals will always continue to be popular, but bold colours are the main focus for this year. Wallpaper also recently made a comeback and is something that really adds 60s vibes to your bathroom. This year is about new and improved looks that reflect not only your style but a slight twist. Sometimes adding bold colours in some areas, really changes how the overall feel and look of the bathroom is. What is important that you take away from this is to not be afraid of colour, step out of your comfort zone and you will be shocked as to how much you enjoy playing with colour.


This option might not be for everyone because we understand that not all bathrooms are able to have windows-but we thought that this was a vital component for those who do have windows. Changing the frame of the window is something that is so simple but it is different and diverse. It can really change how the custom bathroom cabinets look and gives a different aura. You might consider a round window or an oval window-whichever one it is you know that shapes have a great impact on décor. With the right window, bringing in loads of light, your bathroom will look much bigger-even skylights will also add light and effect your space.


Technology is no doubt one of the most used trends of 2017, because everything is becoming digital and practical. So we decided why not talk about this within bathroom because it is possible! There are a number of options for the bathroom that will keep you in touch with everything, even though you are in the middle of taking a shower! Think flat screen t.v, wireless stereo system, or intercom systems, all of these are possible if you know what style you want to go with. Even touch screen options can be wired to control your heating, tubs, music, temperature, etc. With everything at the tip of your fingertips you won’t want to get out of the bathroom, even something to bribe the kids with!

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