Have you ever wondered why cabinet makers are so gifted in their craft? Besides having years of experience and natural gift and talent for cabinet making, these wood experts also use the right practical tools and equipment to produce only the best quality wood products. 

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Whether you are planning to change your kitchen cabinets or are an experienced cabinet builder, you will have a set of go-to cabinet-making equipment. Your equipment inventory will typically grow following the task you intend to accomplish.

So, to broaden your knowledge and interest in cabinet making, this article will list some of the tools and equipment used in the craft.

  1. Jigsaw
    Possessing a jigsaw on hand will also come in handy while building cabinets. Several cuts one has to perform during the cabinet-making operation can be done using a jigsaw. Jigsaws can chop intricate forms into the wood and are typically straightforward. With this instrument, you will be able to do both bevel and complex cuts in wood and other materials. There are a variety of jigsaw puzzles on the market to choose from. Each has its own set of speed controls that you may use to make cutting simpler. When you require a specialized blade, you may easily swap it out. Pick a good tool that has an excellent natural grip so you can make professional results without constantly worrying about the device.You can also benefit from a cordless jigsaw, especially if you need to move it around. For example, you won’t be thinking about stumbling over a wire while doing cabinet making. A cordless jigsaw also allows you to properly position the saw to create cuts that would otherwise have been difficult.

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  2. Routers
    Routers can trim, mold, and create the precise, straight edges required for board assembly. This tool is suitable for cutting notches for panel doors and contour rails and stiles in cabinetmaking. In addition, routers can also be utilized to connect rails and tiles, produce elevated panels, and attach edges.With that, having a router will be helpful when it comes to building cabinets. This tool will be used to create the right angles that you require. When you have a quality router on hand, connecting boards will be easier. You’ll also appreciate utilizing your router to create grooves in your wooden doors. Having a high-quality router will make any cabinet-building endeavor much more manageable. You may achieve the same activity with other methods, but having a router will make it easier. It is one of the essential tools to have if you want to build cabinets properly. 
  3. Random Orbital Sander
    Sanding is a crucial part of the cabinet-making technique that should not be overlooked. Of course, you could buy a sanding board and solve your problems that way. Although that would be a lengthy and challenging procedure, you could certainly complete the sanding. However, if you want to save time and energy, investing in a random orbital sander is the answer. You can quickly sand down your cabinets if you have a random orbital sander. This cabinet-making tool may be precisely placed where you require it to complete the project. It will enable you to obtain the flawless finish that you desire. It can also assist you in smoothing out any faults you have committed. In addition, to make the instrument easier for long periods, cabinet makers pick random orbital sanders with an outstanding ergonomic palm grip. If you have a lot of cabinets to finish, finding a sander that fits your hand well can help you operate without injuring your hands. A compact and light random orbital sander is also essential for working for long periods without becoming fatigued. Hence, a random orbital sander can come in handy.
  4. Power Drill
    A power drill is a device that utilizes an electric motor to rotate a changeable drill bit at various speeds to drill holes in multiple materials like wood. Screwdriver bits can also be used with the drill to push screws into different materials faster.A power drill is a device that you will want to have for many purposes. Although this is not a tool specialized for cabinet making, it will be an essential element of the process. For example, you will need a power drill when installing the hinges, screws, and hooks on your cabinet doors. In addition, you can utilize accessories with your power drill to simplify certain aspects of the cabinet-making step.When selecting a drill, power, maneuverability, and weight are considered. A cordless drill gives you a lot of flexibility and many options. Lightweight cordless screwdrivers with an operating voltage of 6 to 8 volts are adequate, while exercises with a power rating of 10 to 18 volts will meet the demands of most cabinet makers.

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  5. Cabinet ScraperTypically, a cabinet scraper is a small flat piece of metal with an elevated burr border or hook that is available in various forms, sizes, and shapes. A cabinet scraper is an essential tool for removing small amounts of debris from cabinets. Cabinet scrapers can be utilized on both hardwood and softwood. However, it would be best to always work with the grain when using a cabinet scraper on almost any wood. It works exceptionally effectively in difficult hardwood places where ordinary hand planes would rip the wood. Cabinet makers and woodworkers use these tools to remove highly minute quantities of wood to achieve a shiny, clean, flat surface. Cabinet scrapers can also remove stains, paints, and other adhesives from wood surfaces. For varied applications, cabinet scrapers come in various forms, flexibilities, hardnesses, and thicknesses. When selecting a suitable scraper for a specific project, it is vital to think about these characteristics and how they might assist you to execute your job better.


  6. Hinge JigThe purchase of a hinge jig aids cabinet makers in installing hinges on cabinet doors. The hinge jig is handy if utilized in combination with a power drill. You can also use a hinge jig to make effective and fast work of the hinges. You can precisely arrange the hinge without any problems and then put it into position.A hinge jig may be utilized with any drill is one of its best features. It makes no difference what kind of power drill you have. The hinge jig can help you get your joints in the right place. It also comes with a handy stop collar and a little instruction to make things easier.

    There is no sense in making the hinge installation process any more difficult than it requires it to be. Purchasing one of these hinge jigs will simplify the process and allow you to complete your project more quickly. Because the hinge jig is not too costly, it is a good idea to have one. A hinge jig will improve the overall experience in cabinet making so much better. 


  7. ClampsClamps are an essential aspect of the cabinet-making method which should not be overlooked. Clamps will be necessary to keep the wooden board in position while working on other things. A majority of the cabinet-making process will be more complicated if one does not have accessibility to clamps. Hence, it is a good idea to put your money on a high-quality clamp designed exclusively for assisting you in precisely aligning your cabinets.A clamp may come with a drilling guide. Cabinet makers use the drill guide to identify where they need to drill accurately. The drilling guide also turns out of the way, allowing cabinet builders to do their work without being impeded. For example, they can now correctly attach the cabinets without removing the clamp.


  8. Coping SledIf you want to operate your router as precisely as possible, you’ll need to invest in a coping sled. The tool can help cut profiles and patterns into your stock’s wood grain. Creating exact cuts is easier with a coping sled, and constructing outstanding cabinetry is all about accuracy. So when you want to guarantee that your cabinets work out well, it may be worth the extra cost.When it comes to creating cabinet doors, the coping sled will come in handy. Cabinet doors are possibly the most challenging element of the process. High precision is possible when you have more command over the cuts you produce. You will be capable of making the ideal cabinet doors in no time, and it will seem as simple as possible.

    Your coping sled can be adjusted to fit a variety of router tables and table cutting tools. This tool is yet another instrument you will utilize in conjunction with a saw. It is not entirely essential but can help the procedure go more smoothly.


  9. ChiselsWhen it comes to visually compelling handmade works, woodworking chisels are essential. A decent set of chisels will come in handy when it comes to building cabinets. They can be used to chisel away certain wood areas for your cabinets. Chisels are commonly used to create attractive decorative cabinets.There are numerous sizes available, each of which will be appropriate in various scenarios. Because these chisels are not designed exclusively for cabinet manufacturing, you will be free to utilize them for various woodworking projects. They’ll be fantastic at assisting you in chiseling the cabinets of your fantasies, so it is considered a must-have.

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  10. Rubber MalletWhen you are building cabinets, a rubber mallet will come in handy. In addition, you will want to be capable of striking your chisel with a rubber mullet. In this case, a rubber mullet is considered to be better to utilize for this reason than a claw hammer. If you make an error and miss, the damage you bring to the cabinet should be minimal or negligible.A sturdy rubber mallet can also be used to pound objects into position. For example, when you have to ensure that two bits of wood are flush, a gentle shove with your rubber mallet will do the trick. You should avoid using a claw or sledgehammer for this because it may cause harm to the wood. For such a project, a rubber mallet is a considerably better fit. 

Final thoughts: 

If you are a home and DIY enthusiast who desires to construct your cabinets, or if you want to explore cabinet making and manufacturing as a new line of work, you will need to expand your tool and equipment library.

The ten most critical cabinet-making tools are listed above. Of course, this list is not the entire selection. There are many more equipment and instruments available in the market that you can supply to this list to enhance your skill and the value of your finish. However, if you are searching for an excellent place to start, this article is for you. So, take this sign to start investing in your practical cabinet-making tools and equipment today!


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