Are you prepared to swap out your outdated bathroom vanity? Nothing transforms a bathroom’s appearance and functionality like a brand-new vanity, whether you are remodelling a little primary bathroom or a powder room. Your bathroom vanity serves as the multipurpose focal point of the interior design and should provide the ideal harmony of both form and function. So to help you in your next bathroom renovation project, this article has put together the essential list of everything you want to know when selecting a brand-new bathroom vanity to make the renovation process easier for you.


Know the Right Measurement of Your Bathroom 

You must first assess your bathroom area to determine what can fit without endangering comfort and usability. You can choose your bathroom vanity style, knowing what possibilities are available. You can get the most out of your bathroom, no matter how big or tiny if you correctly measure your space before starting your renovation.  

You can determine the depth, length, and width of your current vanity and select a new one with the exact measurements if you are replacing it with a bathroom vanity of the same size. If you start from zero, your next move will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom.

To measure your bathroom space correctly, you must leave room for the door openings and trimmings. You must ensure sufficient room for the bathroom and cabinet doors to swing correctly. If you have a shower door, it should be included in your free space calculation. Once the vanity is built, ensure there is room for you and other people to walk around and utilize it, mainly if anyone is living with accessibility requirements. Measure your room’s width from wall to wall or side to side, keeping in mind the direction that your bathroom and shower doors swing. Ensure that these doors won’t hit your bathroom vanity. You need to dedicate at least 18 inches of usable width for single-sink bathroom vanity and at least 48″ of usable width for double-sink bathroom vanity. Remember that the vanity top will generally increase the width by 1/2 to 1 inch on either side.

You should measure from the back wall outwards to determine how much space is usable. Remember that you will need space for a user to walk by comfortably and clearance for bathroom vanity doors and drawers to operate. Any plugs and controls that require access once the vanity is placed should be identified. Vanities can either obstruct or not obstruct the walls in the room where they are placed, so being mindful of your outlets and switches in the designing phase will save you from many problems in the future. 

To determine the ideal height for your vanity, you should measure from the floor up, taking into account existing elements, such as the placement of a prospective backsplash and power outlets, and modify the mounting so your countertop gets to sit at the level of the waist. For floating vanities, you must alter the mounting, so your countertop settles about 30 inches of clear square footage in front of your bathroom vanity to feel at ease moving through the space.

Lastly, you must also check the existing plumbing system. It is crucial to take note of the location of the sink plumbing because it affects where your bathroom vanity should sit. It is possible to move the plumbing system, but it is expensive and requires a specialist.

Size Guide

Average bathroom vanity sizes range from 18 to 72 inches wide. The most prevalent widths for bathroom single vanities in the market are 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. The most common widths for bathroom double-sink vanities are 60 inches and 72 inches. However, some manufacturers in the market offer double vanities that begin at 48 inches. The usual depth of a bathroom vanity is usually approximately 20 inches, but more minor variations are offered. Although it varies from 30 to 36 inches, the standard bathroom vanity height is 32 inches.

Think about how you want to utilize the vanity before purchasing a new one in your bathroom. You might choose a vanity that has a double-sink layout for the bathroom that is adjacent to the main suite. In contrast to single-sink vanity types, double-sink vanities are offered in broader widths, which can be ideal for the main bedroom. A single-sink vanity frequently fits perfectly for tiny bathrooms. Tiny powder rooms may benefit from installing wall-mounted vanities that use the vertical wall surface in the space or narrow-depth bathroom vanities that can squeeze into the nook of the bathroom space.


Materials Guide

Your bathroom cabinets can be created out of various materials, with the material’s durability and moisture and water resistance affecting cost. Using veneer or solid wood, you can obtain beautiful wood grain. However, solid wood will be significantly more pricey and durable. Although there are many possibilities, solid wood is one of the most widely popular materials used to make the majority of pre-made bathroom vanities. 

Here are some of the most common materials used in bathroom vanities:

  • Hardwood or Solid WoodSolid wood bathroom vanities are water resistant and frequently coated to highlight the lovely and natural wood pattern, despite being slightly susceptible to warping. Oak and maple are two popular, reasonably priced varieties with strong moisture resistance. Solid wood bathroom vanities are also known for their longevity. You are assured that you will get to use solid wood bathroom vanities for years due to their effectiveness against wear and tear. 
  • ParticleboardThis material is for those looking for a cheaper, eco-friendly alternative to solid wood. Small wood pieces or particles are bonded together and compacted to form particleboard, which is then covered on its exterior surfaces with veneers or laminate. Although affordable and easily accessible, the strength, humidity, and water resistance are compromised.
  • PlywoodAnother sturdy material utilized for bathroom vanities is Plywood. It is ideal for anyone who would like to combine performance and price. Plywood is made by making a stacked sheet out of numerous wood layers that are adhered together in alternating directions. The wood has improved strength and durability as a result of this stacking. Nevertheless, sealing is necessary to shield it from the environment. Although much more costly than MDF or particleboard, it is still reasonably priced. However, Plywood does not expand in response to moisture or temperature, unlike solid wood. Additionally, Plywood lacks the strength and durability of natural wood.
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)MDF is an affordable choice for those who want to stay within their budget. Paper fibres that have been crushed and adhered together create a smooth board with a consistent density throughout. MDF is frequently used in business settings because it is more durable than Plywood. It is a well-liked material because of its simplicity and ease of finishing.   Despite this, it is incredibly vulnerable to moisture, especially if it is poorly sealed. However, if the borders are correctly closed, they can endure for a very long period. MDF is prone to damage, but it is also simple to fix.

Finish Guide

  • PaintPaint is probably one of the most common and popular types of finishing for bathroom vanities. MDF is one type of material that can be coloured immediately. The material is sealed with water-resistant paint in several stunning colours. Most homeowners choose this finishing because they go to inject their unique personal style and preferences into their own spaces.
  • LaminateLaminate is a plastic covering that is placed on the exterior of a wood bathroom vanity. It is obtainable in different hues and patterns, including personalized designs and wood characteristics. It is highly robust and shields the core material from moisture.



  • VeneerThin layers of wood are used as a veneer to cover the exterior of other vanity materials like Plywood. It provides Plywood with the exquisite appearance of natural wood for a small percentage of the price of actual wood. Veneer typically costs more and has lower wear resistance than other finishes, such as laminates.
  • MelamineMelamine is a product that resembles laminate but differs in that a layer of ornamental material is placed on top of a thinner plastic coat. It is available in various styles, including plain white and simulated stone and wood finishes.

Price Guide

Most home maintenance or construction retailers carry pre-manufactured bathroom vanities that range in price from $50 to $150 for a simple single-sink design. An essential bathroom vanity will cost between $180 and $750, but prices can range from $800 to $1,400 or more based on the size, design, materials, and if it has either one or two sinks. These stock vanities, particularly the cheaper types, may need easy or involved construction and are frequently composed of particle board, medium-density fiberboard with veneer, and perhaps other inexpensive materials.

A standard primary bathroom double-sink vanity can cost approximately $500 to $2,500 or above. Semi-custom or custom bathroom vanities from bathroom cabinet makers can cost about $80 to $225 per square foot plus maybe another about $50 to $100 per linear foot for other finishing jobs. Custom-made bathroom vanities are constructed with medium-grade to high-quality materials, and shipment can generally take between four and six weeks or more, depending on the size and material of your choice.


Additional expenses for your bathroom vanities can include other design and essential elements such as faucets, hardware, and the like. Depending on your chosen materials, these costs can add $50 to $100. 

Bottom line: 

Since vanities are the focal point of every bathroom, it seems logical that choosing one requires careful attention. Because there are several different alternatives available, it can be challenging to make a final selection. Hopefully, this article made you understand the basics of bathroom vanities, including the materials, finishes, sizes, and pricing. So, when you are ready to make your renovation, you will find the whole process a lot easier. 


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