You have encountered several sources for residential vs. commercial cabinets if you have been researching new cabinets for your home or business space. It may be daunting to understand the differences between the two and why you might prefer one type over the other, given all the options you have been given when you explore the internet. So, to help you, this article will describe how each cabinet style differs and which can best fulfill your wants and expectations in your upcoming residential or commercial space renovation project.


What are commercial cabinets and residential cabinets? 

Before digging into the differences between commercial and residential cabinets, you must understand each of these types of cabinets. 

On the one hand, commercial cabinets are a crucial component of maintaining organization in your workplace or other commercial establishments. When having new commercial cabinets placed, you have to be certain that they are the right ones that meet the needs of the workplace. Today, cabinets are an essential part of many commercial environments. Commercial cabinets are typically found in industrial enterprises, clean rooms, workshops, labs, and other locations. These businesses need the appropriate storage for various tools, accessories, equipment, and materials. 

Commercial cabinets come in a variety of sizes and types. Their design, choice of materials, and color scheme help set the mood for retail locations while facilitating storage, a crucial corporate necessity. Commercial cabinets serve as the workspace’s organizing and tidying mechanism, enabling well-kept activities vital for business operations.

On the other hand, residential cabinets are cabinets used in the different corners of your home. In most cases, these cabinets are made to go according to your style and character, not focusing on surviving the harsh environmental stressors like the commercial cabinets. Furthermore, residential cabinets come in different sizes, types, and finishes. Like commercial cabinets, residential cabinets are crucial design elements that make the house more cozy, cohesive, and homey. Aside from these aesthetic functions of residential cabinets, these vital home components also store and display different materials needed for activities of daily living.

Commercial cabinets vs. residential cabinets

It is important to know that there is a great overlap between commercial and residential cabinets. Generally, you can utilize the same material, finish, or construction style for commercial and residential cabinets. However, here are some notable differences between commercial and residential cabinets. 

  • MaterialsCommercial CabinetsCommercial cabinets are made to endure typical stresses in a busy industrial workstation. Contrast that with residential or commercial-looking furniture, which may appear similar but incapable of withstanding corrosive materials or the heavy use and abuse of industrial settings. The weight load capacity, also known as the load bearing capacity, is one of the characteristics of commercial cabinets that enables them to withstand these circumstances. Heavy equipment may be held considerably more securely in commercial cabinets. With that, in most cases, commercial cabinets are made out of steel and stainless steel. For maximum strength and stiffness, all steel parts are heavy-duty. Additionally, it includes shelves in the cabinets that can each sustain 100 pounds of weight. Adjustable bars are attached to the cabinet structure to add additional stability, and the levels of each shelf can be modified. Due to these materials, commercial cabinets are corrosion- and rust-resistant. Since stainless steel is non-porous, liquids cannot also get inside the cabinet.

    However, you must note that commercial cabinets can also be made from residential materials such as wood, laminate, and the like. But, they are not usually found in commercial spaces due to the workplace’s intense environment, which can damage commercial cabinets made out of these materials. 

    Residential Cabinets

    Most cabinets used in homes are composed of wood or wood-based products. Hardwoods, wood veneers, plywood, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard, are the most widely used.



  • AvailabilityCommercial CabinetsCommercial cabinets usually come as RTA or Ready-To-Assemble cabinets. These cabinets are generally accessible, manufactured for sale in retail stores, and constructed with affordability in consideration. There are design, dimension, and material options that need to be put together. These industrial cabinets’ longevity typically causes issues over time. If a slight variation is discovered during placement, installing the cabinets in the specified area could be challenging because they are pre-made and have precise measurements. If you are considering purchasing RTA cabinetry, be sure you understand the precise measurements, space available, and notches of the entire facility. Installing RTA can be challenging, even for an experienced builder. Some businesses choose semi-custom cabinets, though. Because it gives a greater variety of design and material possibilities, semi-custom cabinets are sometimes regarded as the mid-range alternative in terms of cost. Semi-custom cabinets provide a small number of measurement changes and, in most circumstances, efficient commercial cabinet manufacturers. Semi-custom cabinetry delivers a unique appearance at a reasonable cost and is available in various styles, materials, storage solutions, and finishing touches. Semi-custom cabinets can be manufactured to order using a company’s library of well-known designs, parts, and materials, or they might be stock cabinets with personalized panels. Commercial cabinets that are semi-custom include assembly in the pricing.

    Residential Cabinets

    Like commercial cabinets, residential cabinets can also come as RTA, stock, or semi-stock cabinets. However, prominent in most homes is the utilization of custom cabinets. Although custom cabinets’ initial cost is higher than typical or conventional cabinet types, homeowners ultimately get their money’s worth. In addition to having an exceptional appearance, custom cabinets are manufactured from materials of the highest caliber and have a lengthy lifespan. Custom cabinets are definitely worth the cost due to their durability and lifetime. Custom cabinetry is manufactured to order and offers various styles, materials, finishings, and embellishments. These cabinets are unique, with special design features allowing them to accommodate even the most unexpected spaces. With custom residential cabinets, you will receive what you want with great hand-built artistry by skilled specialists, whereas the design options are infinite with these premium custom cabinets.

Final Thoughts: 

As has already been said above, commercial and residential cabinets often overlap in construction, materials used, finish, and the like. However, choosing what to use depends exactly on your needs. Do you need to improve the storage capacity of your business space where a lot of people might use your cabinets? Then, invest in a commercial cabinet, or do you want to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic and function? Then, go with a residential cabinet.


What is more important than choosing between a commercial or residential cabinet is ensuring that your provider will deliver your needs and wants. The ability of your provider to complete commercial and residential cabinetry refurbishment projects from start to finish is essential. Your cabinet provider must be capable of creating, manufacturing, and installing attractive, customized pieces that adhere to the highest standards and regulations for design in the cabinetry industry.


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