Many customers believe that re-facing cabinets is a better, and more cost-efficient decision to fix their problem. Truly, if there are any signs of damage to the existing cabinets, choosing to actually replace the cabinets is a far better choice than re-facing them, because if you choose to re-face chances are you will come across the same issue eventually.

When many people decide to re-face their kitchen it is mainly because they want a different look, and vibe to the space. This is only recommended if your kitchen is fairly new, and you are looking for a cosmetic change. Also re-facing does not improve the quality of the kitchen, it may simply change the look-but does not do much for the cabinet and is not beneficial. Re-facing is simply a cosmetic cover-up that conceals the existing colour. That is why we recommend replacing cabinets, to ensure quality, good material, better colour pay off, and sustainability. One of the main reasons custom cabinetry is the best decision is because it solves any issues you might have with the existing kitchen layout and the storage system. Our designers work one-on-one with you to help improve the space and to incorporate new functional and innovative ideas.

Our Standards

If the cabinets are in need of repair than we strongly advise the clients to consider new custom cabinets, because as previously mentioned re-facing does not fix the issues but simply provides a different aesthetic factor. Take advantage of the custom cabinetry designs and create a space that works well for you-that is both efficient and functional. This option is also good for when you want to achieve a different look to the kitchen-modern, transitional, or traditional. Use this as a chance to improve the durability of the cabinets in your kitchen, while creating a space that you won’t want to get out of. A space that meets your everyday needs, yet accompanying the practicality of cabinets.


Replacing kitchen cabinets can be seen as a better long-term investment, that helps improve the cabinets and provide a space that works well for you and your family. The Neo Kitchen team works closely and efficiently with our clients, to provide a kitchen that lasts you a life time!

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