When people hear about having white kitchen cabinets, or even white kitchens, they have a preconceived notion that it is boring and plain. However, that is not true in all cases. If done correctly, white kitchens can be a stunning space with such timeless grace. Hence, it is important to know which elements will work out in having a white kitchen cabinet.

With the color white’s versatility, you can pair it with anything. The place will look clean and bright using it. So here’s a list of ideas on how to make your white kitchen cabinet stand out more:

1. Add Accents to Your White Kitchen Cabinet

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One of the most obvious ways in order to not make your white kitchen cabinet look flat is to add an accent detail into it. You can opt to put copper, gold, metal, or any hardware of your choice as a handle for your cabinet. This adds character and aesthetic to your white kitchen cabinet. You can also choose your hardware to match the Island Countertop so that there is additional continuity and uniformity of the whole space.

2. Add a Different Color Lowers

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In order for the white cabinets to pop, you can consider adding another color to the whole space so that there will be some variation that can significantly improve the dimension and depth of the whole area. One of the things you can do is choosing a different color for the bottom cabinets while maintaining the white kitchen top cabinets. You can also choose to have a different color in the island counter. Through these, the white kitchen cabinets can be accentuated more while maintaining a bright and clean aesthetic. You can choose from many colors however shades of blues and greys are highly suggested.

3. Place a Unique Countertop

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If you are planning to go for a white kitchen cabinet, or even a white themed kitchen, adding a countertop with unique color or style can add movement and variation in the whole space. You can consider to pair your white kitchen cabinets with creamy, gray, or black countertops in order to add something different and unexpected to your kitchen. You can also go with countertops with beautiful marble finish or any other finish. In this way, there is additional texture to the whole space. The Island of the kitchen is a vital component that wraps up the place. Hence, you must choose carefully on the color and design of the Island because it can make or break your white kitchen design.

4. Play with Different White Tones

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One way in order to make your white kitchen cabinets look unique and varied is through using different tones of whites. If you use just one shade for the top and lower cabinets, it will surely make the space look flat. There are different types of whites available in the market and choosing the right tone will surely make a huge difference in your kitchen cabinets. You can opt for warmer white tones for this will add more dimension and interest throughout the space. It is good to note that you must avoid mixing warm whites with cool whites. Warm tones will look more yellow while the cool tones will look more blue. Just knowing the difference between the two and how to incorporate them properly into your space will change the whole ambiance and environment of your kitchen.

5. Handmade Tile Backsplash

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Adding a handmade tile backsplash with a unique design and color can help popping and accentuating your white kitchen cabinet. It adds character and dimension to your space. In this way, it breaks up the white so that your space does not look flat and boring. It is also an opportunity for you to add some personality in your kitchen. You can also opt for white backsplash but be sure to add some accents such as gold border finish and the likes. You can also pair your backsplash color with the hardware handle of your white kitchen cabinet. So if you chose a metallic grey handle for your white kitchen cabinet, you can opt for a backsplash in shades of greys and dark greens.

In summary, it may be hard to achieve an all white kitchen but it is easier to accentuate your kitchen with white kitchen cabinets. This kitchen cabinet color is timeless and will never go out of style. It is important however how to showcase them so that your space does not look flat or boring. With the ideas you now know, you will surely make your white kitchen cabinet look aesthetically pleasing and unique, just do not forget to put some character and personality in your own space.

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