Kitchen and cabinet renovations are a tedious job, and takes time and precision. Installations can vary in time-but we work very hard to ensure our projects are completed within 4-6 weeks. There is a lot of work put into each design, and we understand this process can be stressful to some-but at Neo Kitchen we work to help you enjoy this process. Inspiration is always good-that way our designers know what type of style you are leaning towards and how to achieve it in a matter of a few weeks. Our designers always make sure that you feel confident and stress-free within the entire process, and are able to enjoy everything along the way.

Where to Begin

Where to begin in this design process can be tricky to some, but we always recommend having a vision and understanding what it is exactly that you want to improve in the space. Some styles or plans that you might have had in advance might not be the best suit for your space, and that is where our designers come into play. They will guide you in this process and ensure your dream space is done with ease, and that the construction process is not overwhelming.


The cost of kitchen renovations and custom cabinetry can be pricey and rates can go high! What we recommend in the design process, is to have an estimated budget that way we can achieve what the client wants-within reasonable price points. Also within your first consultation you will come into our showroom and see different materials and understand why certain things are priced the way they are. As previously mentioned, it is our job to guide you in the renovation process and ensure that you are content with all options you have. With our designers many years of experience-he tells all clients the exact composition of materials, and why certain hardware/wood are suited better for different spaces and areas.

Final Recommendations

We recommend you look at design options that are prominent in your living space, and that you ensure everything feels right aesthetically. Another thing that we want our customers to know is that by knowing what you want to change in the space-also try to branch out and see if you like different designs that are similar to what you envision. With a clear mindset renovating becomes a lot easier and fully grasped if you are aware of what works and what doesn’t work for you. With renovating, planning, and construction we want to ensure the space has improved drastically from what it was before! We believe in erasing the cons of the space, and guiding you through aesthetic, practical, and functional renovation designs.

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