Designs, colours, textures are all components that change every year. Many people are now choosing to re-design and remodel their homes to create a different aesthetic approach and ambience. Instead of buying new houses, many choose to renovate and with today’s technology and resources it becomes very easy to do so. Many trends of renovating have changed since 2016, like lighting fixtures and colours. We see factors like energy and time-saving measures that bring a different approach to remodeling and interior design. The main approach is creating beautiful homes, which reflect you and your family. At Neo Kitchen we are on top of trends and designs and are here to guide you throughout the way.


With new and improved technology-appliances change all the time. Every year there is a different design-sometimes going towards more modern styles and sometimes towards more traditional styles. It is important to match the appliance to the specific theme you are going for in the kitchen. You can always check new trends online, for example: if you are renovating your kitchen to have a more modern vibe, than your appliances need to portray the same appearance. With more modern styles we have noticed that appliances that are more technology based are a lot more popular. It is important to understand that your kitchen should reflect unity and flow, and when you look at it as an overall picture it all makes sense.

Time Management

Time is something that we all treasure and that we want to ensure we save as much of. So we don’t want to be baffling around trying to find certain utensils-and being disorganized. Also maintenance is an important aspect-how long is it going to take you to clean everything? For this year more sleek and simple designs are popular. Ones where you know won’t take long to clean or to find something. There is also an uprising popularity in the development of stainless steel that leaves no fingerprints-this can be seem in not only appliances but in kitchen utensils as well.

Restaurant-esque Features

Another popular trend that we have been seeing in 2017 is restaurant style cabinets and appliances. Many clients who show us their inspiration are leaning towards more simple but durable design styles. Appliances and hardware of 2017 really reflect more professional and high tech features and styles.


As we are becoming more aware of our water usage-technology is up to date with helping us ensure we are not using excessive amounts of water, and energy. Here at Neo Kitchen we work to be as environmentally and financially friendly as we possibly can-not just explaining how you could save today-but how you could save on a day-to-day basis.

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