The process of renovating your kitchen can be very exciting but at the same time tiring. There are many things that can play into account that might seem too much at first, but with these simple steps you can make your life a whole lot easier.

Don’t choose your appliances last!

At Neo Kitchen we have come across many different kitchen spaces and designs. Whether your ultimate kitchen requires a large countertop, a mini side office, or a specialized hood-there are usually three types of styles all kitchens fall under. Visit our showroom which has all three kitchen designs available: traditional, modern, and transitional!

  • This is a common mistake many people do, because they think that by worrying about the appliances later on its better-this is not true
  • In order to ensure the design and construction process go smoothly and accordingly we need to have all corresponding specs of the appliances to obtain exact measurements of the area
  • Knowing what appliances you will use will also help you design your kitchen more effectively
    This should be the first step when you decide to renovate because dimensions are very important
  • It is vital to have your appliances chosen so that you and the designer can design the rest of the kitchen around them

Forgetting your personal and functional use

  • Everyone has different visions in mind when wanting to design a kitchen
  • Whether it’s your workflow, or simply your cooking habits- everyone functions differently
  • Because of this you need to make sure that the way you design your kitchen will serve as a distinct copy of how you use it
  • For example: if you find you use smaller appliances a lot more than usual, ensure that you have storage in the kitchen to have them displayed rather than have them hidden in a cabinet
  • If this is not done it could be frustrating in the kitchen if the placement of features and appliances don’t accommodate your workflow
  • Consider this when you are designing your kitchen

Concentrating on the wrong things

  • This is a common mistake that many customers make and its that people tend to concentrate either on the full picture of the kitchen or very small details
  • We urge our clients to focus on all aspects equally and effectively
  • The trick to really grasping the whole kitchen design the way you like it would be by keeping the big picture in mind-colour schemes, and styles while still focusing on the smaller details-like doorknobs, dividers, and handles (hardware)
  • It is important to understand that all factors are vital and contribute evenly to the entire process of designing and constructing the kitchen

Counter Space

  • Make sure that you measure out and understand how much counter space you’ll need
  • A good way of doing so would be to see how your existing counter space plays out with your daily duties in the kitchen
  • It’s better to have more than to have little- so always think this through

Always ask for help!

  • This is not an easy job to essentially renovate your kitchen-but that’s why we’re here
  • To help you better understand the steps you need to take and guide you through the process
  • At Neo Kitchen we try to take as much stress off your back as we can, and we believe we do that
  • Speaking to the kitchen designer is always a good idea in understanding more about how kitchen renovations work and the process
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