With every season, we are always inspired to change up the design within our homes and make it more season appropriate. In the spring season flowers bloom, the days get longer and sunshine blooms within the home. We love updating our showroom at Neo Kitchen and making the place feel more like home. The spring season is a great way to update design in everyone’s favourite room in the house-the kitchen! So here is a few design tips to help update your kitchen.

Spring Design Tip #1: Find inspiration in Nature

Greenery is always a good option to bring not only colour, but nature and scenery into your home; it is basically the method of bringing the outside in. When looking for a different design aesthetic it is important to understand the overall aura of the kitchen and know what works within different design spaces and angles. Designers often use the idea of borrowing elements in nature when they decide the design. This is why in many different kitchen designs there is always the aspect of greenery and nature. It brings a distinct overall free and airy aspect to the space.

A good way to get inspiration to design in spring is to immerse yourself in the outdoors-and be completely surrounded in the beauty of nature. For example: go on a hike, feel different textures, and explore the rich colour palettes Mother Nature has to offer. Trees, leaves, plants, are all good way to retrieve inspiration. After that, you could then find ways to incorporate these natural elements into your own kitchen design, and perfect it to your liking. Add splashes of colour that are directly inspired by flowers, and textures that accentuate wall accents. It becomes a great breath of fresh air in the home.

Design Tip #2: Create an indoor “garden”

The warmer seasons are a great way to grow fresh herbs-because it is simple and organic. The herb garden that you make can act as a great accent of centerpiece in the kitchen. Ideally the plant should be placed in an area that accumulates a lot of sunshine, and that will help with the growing process of the plant. It is a way of showcasing your favourite herbs like. Thyme, basil, rosemary! At Neo Kitchen we are all about DIY projects like turning your indoor garden into a work of art, by using unique twists like reclaimed wood and herb markers. This is a good way of also being inspired to cook healthier and incorporating fresh herbs into your cooking and meal plan.

Design Tip #3: Displaying Vibrant Produce

Fruits and vegetables are a good way to revamp your kitchen with produce you already needed for the week. It is important to us when designers incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables that serve as natural kitchen accents. It isn’t hard to add colour to your kitchen, you just have to have inspiration and understand the colour palette within your home and nature.

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