Custom cabinets are built to your specifications, and exacts needs. So they can be exactly how you envision them to be, and this includes placement and colour. Think about the overall look and design of your dream kitchen, closet, etc. and understand that when everything is custom built, it’s just for you! Cabinets are a vital component-they set the tone for the entire room, and with custom cabinetry we target areas that you didn’t like previously to better improve the space for you.


While you are in the design process you must first settle on the type of cabinets you would like-whether it is premade or custom. You also must first understand the difference between the two and their pros and cons before attempting to renovate. It is better to understand the difference between the two.

Premade vs. Custom

Those who choose the premade option usually have budget constraints that prevent them from getting custom cabinets. Custom cabinetry is not always expensive, it is about finding the right company that can help to understand the price differences, and help you see that custom cabinetry is the best option. Many believe that because premade cabinets are manufactured and made in various sizes it would be best to both stay within budget but also renovate.

At Neo Kitchen we help to decipher these myths-and knowledge the clients on why in the long run custom cabinetry is the best choice. When we say custom you know it is for you-completely and utterly made for exactly what you are looking for-which captures style, shape, and quality. Custom cabinets are very high in quality, and are newly made-proving that quality will last a much longer time than getting cabinets that are premade.

They are manufactured to your exact specifications and preferences. After all you are getting cabinets that are specially designed for you, to flatter that space that you are getting cabinets done. At Neo Kitchen we specialize in custom cabinets-that makes us different and unique from our competitors because we only ensure quality in every job that is done. That is why we take our time and help clients with their every needs.

The Bottom Line

We have many online platforms that you can check to better understand our take on custom cabinetry and how everything is processed and done. When deciding between the two-understand the shape of your kitchen and the flexibility that custom kitchens give you. If you have limited space and are more flexible than you are 100% better off with going with custom cabinets, which will help to optimize space, practicality and functionality.

Well-made custom cabinets are a great option if you are looking for something different, something that is completely targeted to your kitchen and your needs. Highest quality custom cabinets are hard to turn down, mainly because you get the custom experience and exceeding quality. Also custom cabinets definitely withstand the test of time, and are always a good idea!

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