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Trusted in both residential and commercial settings, our experience within the industry allows us to provide excellent workmanship and services. By working with Neo Kitchen you can be confident that your business reputation will accelerate and captivate your customers.

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    Our Expertise

    At Neo Kitchen, we’re committed to providing high caliber solutions to your architectural challenges. Our experience within the industry is unparalleled and means we can deliver exceptional workmanship in constructing systems for both commercial and residential clientele.

    By working with Neo Kitchen, you can ensure your business retains its professional appeal over the coming years. We’ve worked with hundreds of business owners in designing, building, and installing store displays that captivate potential customers and expand the local reputation of the company.

    Unit integration

    Our integration expertise is second-to-none within the marketplace.

    We begin our work with a consultation to determine your needs, then complete the follow-up design, construction, and installation work following the industry’s best practices.

    Visionary creativity

    The creativity of our team gives us the edge within the marketplace.

    We thrive in providing deceptively simple solutions to complex design problems and ensuring a sophisticated approach is utilized to improve the value of the client’s property.

    Working efficiency

    We’ve developed a refined working process within our decades in the marketplace. This means we can build custom cabinets within a consolidated timeframe while retaining the high quality you need to enhance your business. Our commitment to team training means each of our staff members has a clear sense of their role in completing refined construction work in a modern setting.

    Our Process

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A: We are proud to offer several materials to choose from, including everything from the doors, cabinet boxes, hardware and paint. It is important to have a variety of options since it can greatly affect the price. The most common material that will change the look of your cabinets will be the doors, and our most common style is shaker doors made from HDF (high density fibreboard). This type of materials sits at our middle price range, giving the opportunity to make changes/upgrades for this and more areas.

      A: Our average lead time is about 8-10 weeks to manufacture the cabinets. This timeline would start from the date we confirm your project and sign a contract. During this time we would place the order for materials needed and build and assemble the cabinets, meanwhile the client can take on other areas of their project such as demolition, flooring, painting, etc.
      A: Our payment structure is made of 3 simple steps. The first payment will be a 50% deposit. While this is a large sum, it is necessary to lock in the project to cover material and labour costs. The next payment would be 40% of the total on the date of delivery prior to installation. The final payment would be 10% of the total after completion, allowing for the client to confirm everything meets their expectations.
      A: Almost all of our materials used are locally sourced. With plenty of nearby companies that offer materials used for cabinetry, we continue to order local and support other small businesses. Some items such as hardware may be imported from the United States, China, or other locations. We do our best to stay within Canada, however we are happy to make arrangements for our client’s special orders.
      A: Our company is proud to offer installation services from our in house installation team. We do not need to outsource for project completions and can adjust project timelines with having a team solely installing cabinets made in our factory. This is a great supporting feature for clients with a tight deadline and comes at no extra cost to our clients.
      A: While we do our best to offer as many services as possible, other contract work such as plumbing and electrical would need to be outsourced. We have several connections with contractors in these fields and would be happy to recommend a contractor if needed. With our recommended contractors, or with your own personal contractor, we can coordinate details needed for each aspect of the project.
      A: Ultimately, the decision is yours! We hope that with being affordable, transparent, and supportive, you will be confident in your decision with completing your renovation project with us. Through our numerous online platforms, you can read our client feedback and trust that you are getting 100% satisfaction with our team. From the initial consultation to the end of installation, our team will provide the utmost care and passion in our work so that you can enjoy your new custom cabinets for many years ahead. We are sure you will proudly showcase our work to all of your friends and family!
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