Everyone’s home is different, just like their personalities and their inspirations. A lot of people want various types of styles and renovations done to different spaces, but what is important to know is how to accompany divergent designs within several diverse spaces. That’s what we are here for, our consultation process allows the designers to thoroughly examine the area and create designs that best fit the area and provide as much storage and space as possible. Also we encourage the client to work hand-in-hand with the designer and state any concerns they have with the current area so that the designers can work to improve it-and so that you are not stuck with the same problems. This may be organizational, and/or functional issues that we want to hear because we’d like for you to completely in love with the space-so it’s always good to know how we can help!


Within smaller or larger spaces the important thing to know is you don’t want a design that only pleases the eye, you want to make sure that the design works for you and your family. Sometimes clients tend to look at the design within aesthetic guidelines but they fail to really see whether or not it will accompany their needs. A well-planned kitchen is a more efficient option than a kitchen that really serves no purpose with regards to its function for example. Eliminating one or more of the less essential built-in appliances will lower costs and provide more storage space. Consider the space you have between the cabinet tops and the ceiling if you choose that you don’t want molding done-it’s a great way for extra storage to clear up.

Dining Area

To make extra room and storage combine dining areas with other spaces-for example an open concept is highly popular for the main reason of spacing space and having a smaller or larger area look even bigger. A banquette for the kitchen/dining room space is ideal because it allows for an open atmosphere and living. It’s a good way to interact and treat guests-because everyone and everything is involved. Many ideas can be incorporated while talking to our designers to find out the best option for you.

Living Area

What we mainly hear with our clients is that they want more storage but simply do not have the space. That’s why we always advise that with the living areas wall units are a great way to display décor and have storage without taking away from the overall space.

High vanities with molding not only helps with storage but also is a décor statement. We all about creating spaces and designs that are different and unique and that really work with each and every client!

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