When renovating, the decisions you make on cabinets and the different design styles is crucial in determining whether or not it fits your space and your liking. Cabinets are the backbone of the kitchen, so at Neo Kitchen we help you decide and explore different cabinetry designs depending on the floor plan for the area you choose to renovate. Base cabinets get a lot of attention-whereas the hanging cabinets are used in instances of décor, and aesthetic features (windows, dramatic backsplashes). This is mainly to create a space that appeals to the overall vibe you want for the space. Also a key component in the renovation process is hardware because it can really change the aura of the cabinets and its functionality

Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends

Wall cabinets and base cabinets are two different components in the design process, although they may seem the same-they add different elements to the overall kitchen. Many wall cabinets today extend to the ceiling, making use of more storage and elegant sizes. Also the material you use is a huge factor in determining the durability of the cabinets. For example: cherry wood is used for cabinets to portray a rich, dark finish-primarily done with plywood. For a more exotic look, alternative woods like mahogany can be used. It is all about determining the exact style you want to go for, and taking into consideration the finish. Always feel the textures and the materials, and ensure you are making the right choice depending on the style you would like to go for.

Kitchen Hardware Styles and Trends

Function: There are many different cabinet styles and the majority of them portray a different approach and style. The main functionality of the cabinets are all the same, but what we focus on is ensuring you love the overall functionality and style of the cabinets. Touch less cabinets are a luxury add-on, this application is especially convenient for waste/recycling drawers.
Hardware. Don’t forget about hardware. It’s the jewelry of your kitchen.

  • If you would like light features in the kitchen make sure the designer knows-that way the hardware for it could be installed seamlessly
  • You shouldn’t think that you need to spend a fortune in order to have good quality cabinets, because at Neo Kitchen we strive to only use quality materials and products. Moderately priced custom cabinets offer many organization solutions
  • What are you going to do with that dead space in the far back corner of your cabinets? You might not even know this space exists—sometimes the blind corner is closed off completely. A pie-corner base cabinet pulls out and utilizes the space
  • The hardware is a vital component for the cabinets, and should be discussed with the designer so that you have full understanding of the functionality and accessibility of the cabinets, and the different designs.
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