One of the hardest parts of renovating can be the colour palette, whether it’s choosing a colour for your kitchen-or thinking about décor for your closet it all can be very stressful. That why at Neo Kitchen we strive to show you as much as we possibly can in terms of helping you envision what colour you would like to do within all the projects.


Many times are clients ask us what is popular and tend to focus their attention on what colour is hot this year. But we do not want our customers to primarily base their thoughts of colour on popularity but to think outside the box and venture out and get inspiration. It’s always good to look at different kitchen designs and to see what colours catch your eyes. From there we can show you how easy it is to choose a colour in our showroom, because we have many, many colours and materials.


This is a fun part of the home to design and is a way that you can get very creative. When our clients tells us that they want to renovate their closet-we can’t help but get excited because it is just so much fun designing and playing with colour in this area. First of all, in terms of organization you need to figure out what you own-do you have more dresses than tops, or more suits that bottoms; depending on this information our designers work to create a layout that is completely custom and that caters to your needs.


Depending on the size of the bathroom many people want different things. Usually for smaller spaces people tend to go with more brighter and neutral colours-this helps to show the space and larger and more open. When you have a larger bathroom space colours that are more prominent tend to be popular. Also countertops are also very important when deciding on the colour you want to go for. This applies to the other areas as well because depending on the colour of the cabinets you want to ensure that the colour of the countertops also coincide and work well with one another.

Laundry Room

This is one of the rooms in the house that is the most simple, but one of the ones to have fun with. What we tell all of our clients is to have fun with it, and really customize it to what you like and how you function. Colour is so fun to play around with, and when you come to Neo Kitchen you can really feel it. Time to get inspiration and change up your home-really make it yours and play with colour that you’ve always loved!

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