Before any project you need to make sure that you are prepared. Having a renovation or multiple renovations done to your home, can be very tiring and time consuming. If you want your renovation to go smoothly plan, plan, plan! Let’s be honest, living through the renovation can be very stressful but these planning tips from Neo Kitchen will help to ease the process.


This may seem like a simple task-but trust us when we say it can be very time consuming to cover electronics, furniture, clothing, and many more things. Anything that is exposed to the dust and overall construction debris is not ideal, so we always tell our clients depending on the area they are going to renovate to cover up. You can never be too careful so anything that you would want to ensure will not get damaged its best if you store it away or cover it up.

Developing a good working relationship

No matter what it is that we do, our main priority is developing good relationships with our clients because at the end of the day-it is important to be respectful of one another. The same applies to our clients, during the numerous years we have been in business we love spending time with our clients and many come to visit us at our office. In every project no matter bug or small we love engaging and talking with everyone.

Have an area of peace and quiet

During the renovation process we know how hard it can be with all the noise and trying to still be a peace in your home. That is why we recommend having a room that is free from clutter to just rest and be able to think. It is important to have those rooms that are free of chaos and noise. Trust us, you are going to want that place where you can be alone with your thoughts after a long day.

Spend more time in the outdoors

We always tell our clients to venture out and explore places within the GTA that they didn’t know where even there. Having your home renovated is a great way to go on an adventure with your loved ones, and have a bit of fun because renovating can be stressful. At Neo Kitchen we try to ease the whole process, and have the project done stress and headache free.

Always remember the end goal

It is important to remember that the renovation process has an end date, although you may forget its best to keep thinking about the light at the end of the tunnel. At Neo Kitchen we hope to be there with you on this process and for you to devote all trust in us. Call us and book a free consultation and design!

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